flood detonates cars parked in garage

After an extensive period of rain in the US state of Florida earlier this month, images from the city of Miami show a garage containing several exotic cars badly damaged by a flood at the site. The video was posted by the Instagram profile @florida_corvette_owners.

In it, you can see the damage from the flood, and we also hear a generator that is apparently taking water from the place.

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Among the vehicles there, we see some Rolls-Royce Cullinan units, a Corvette C7, Ferraris, a Mercedes-AMG GT and a Plymouth Prowler.

It is not possible to know much about the damage. But with a lot of dirt strewn about, the flood seems to have been pretty bad.

The flooding occurred in due to Tropical Storm Alex, which had heavy rains and constant winds of 64 km/h.

See the garage:

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