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A free rock event with Scalene and Sebastianismos turned into an event for evangelization, on Friday (17), at Carioca Club, in São Paulo. This happened because of the third attraction: the American band NLM, of emo gospel. The group performed a religious staging and preached.

“I had no idea about the religious nature. Nothing was told to me. Even in the band’s networks the religious character is not explicit”, explains singer Sebastian, leader of Sebastianismos and drummer of Francisco el Hombre, to g1.

  • The events promise free concerts by bands like Scalene and Deadfish;
  • After the shows, the band NLM stage a story in which a girl turns to self-destructive thoughts;
  • NLM frontman Ben Pierce starts a religious sermon, which even has an LED coffin;
  • The group is part of a religious community created in the 1980s with the aim of evangelizing young people who would not “step foot in a church”;
  • In addition to São Paulo, similar events were held in São José dos Campos (SP), Guarulhos (SP), Rio de Janeiro;
  • The agenda also has presentations in Curitiba, Blumenau (SC), Araranguá (SC), Porto Alegre and Florianópolis.

Event poster with NLM — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The event scheduled for Friday (17), at the Carioca Club, in São Paulo, promised free shows by Scalene and Sebastianismos. Also confirmed was the American band NLM, or No Longer Music.

In a sequence of posts on Twitter, content producer Gabriela Cavalherio reported that the group’s presentation was well performed, with dancers, an artist with a stilt, shredded paper, juggling with fire and about ten people on stage.

However, at the end of the show, a staging for preaching began, which took most of the audience by surprise.

According to her, the master of ceremonies went to the middle of the audience and “started talking about ‘we are all special, things are not by chance, there is a way to save yourself from slavery and that way is to find Jesus’.”

The second singer of the band, who is Brazilian, also entered the scene and spoke about “how Jesus saved his life”.

The singer Sebastian, from the Sebastianismos project, took the stage next. He says he was amazed by the show:

“I stepped into the Carioca Club, decided to take a look at the band, I see an LED coffin on stage, a sermon with simultaneous translation”.

According to him, there was a disagreement between the band and Scalene, which extended to the backstage area. “I had five minutes to go on stage and I didn’t understand anything. So much so that when I walked in, I asked if anyone could explain what had happened.”

He says that at no time, during the contract negotiations, was it said that it was a gospel band. “In the contraction, it was informed that an American band was coming to Brazil, and they wanted a Brazilian band to open and that later, they would join another Brazilian band.” According to him, the name of the bands was not informed.

“I’m in the middle of touring, both with Francisco El Hombre and Sebastianismos, with twenty shows a month. I can’t keep up with all the bands that play at the festivals that play too.”

He says that he even searched a little about the NLM, but found nothing of a religious nature. “I have nothing to do with this story, which seems to me to be a bad joke. In the middle of 2022 I have to explain on the internet that I have nothing to do with this shit.”

Sebastian claims that part of the audience left the space because of the NLM, but that his show went on normally.

The band NLM — Photo: Disclosure/Official website

The band No Loger for Music is part of Steiger, a Bible study group created in 1983 by David and Jodi Pierce in Amsterdam, Netherlands. According to information on the official website, the band was created “as a tool to communicate the Gospel of Jesus to these young people who would never enter a church”.

According to the website, the band NLM, whose vocalist is Ben Pierce, would serve to reach unreachable places. “This has led to the creation of ministries, the creation of new churches and the emergence of a wave of followers of Jesus who are passionate about bringing the love of Christ to those who would not otherwise experience it.”

Since 2018, still according to the text, Steiger has created a “multiplication strategy to establish Steiger City Teams in the main urban centers of the world”. According to them, they are active in 100 cities around the world.

On Monday (20), on the Brazilian arm of Steiger, photos of the presentation in Guarulhos, on Thursday (16) were posted. The caption says that about 3,000 young people went to hear the band: “During the performance, it is undeniable how many people are moved and seem confused by what is being said about Jesus. They clearly did not expect this message.”

“A crowd responded to what was announced and heard a little about the message we went to take. They prayed together with our team saying that they want Jesus. Pray for these people, pray for them to attend the Bible study that we will start in the next few days. in each city and for God to keep moving hearts towards you throughout the tour.”

In the promotion, in addition to NLM, were the band Deadfish and Bullet Bane. In the comments, netizens criticized the attempt to include religion in the events without notifying the public.

In the agenda published on the Instagram profile, the band also performed in São José dos Campos and Rio de Janeiro. The tour continues through Araucaria (PR), Blumenau (SC), Criciúma (SC), Porto Alegre, Florianópolis, Porto Alegre and Curitiba.

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