Google is paying users to answer questions

Google is paying users to answer questions. Get to know Google Opinion Rewards and see how to earn without leaving home

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For those who want to make money on the internet in a simple way, Google may have the answer. This is Google Opinion Rewards, an application launched by bigtech that gives cash credits to those who answer questionnaires suggested by Google. Launched in 2013 in the United States, the service received a recent update and Brazilians with Android or iPhone (iOS) can also use the app. So, to know how to bill, check out below.

Google is paying users to answer questions: here’s how to bill

That way, for those interested in using the app, know that the performance was considered excellent by many people. In addition, the app (available for Android and iOS) has a pleasant and intuitive interface, as well as a language option in Portuguese. So, after installing the tool, just fill in a questionnaire with name, zip code, gender, language, gross income, profession and other questions.

Next, Opinion Rewards suggests a simple questionnaire, which works as a profile approval test. To do this, Google will send you a few random questions to get the user’s opinion on politics and other matters. Finally, the application closes the stage and informs you that it will send a notification when questionnaires are available.

It is worth mentioning that, by answering the questions, you can receive credit that are converted into reais. In some cases, the survey is unpaid, but the app always warns you if this is the case. Finally, credits cannot be withdrawn, only converted to purchases on Google Play. But there, you can use the credits to pay for various services, including streaming.

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