Group is rescued by ropes after being trapped in trams 300m from the ground

Groups of tourists visiting the tourist spot of Parwanoo Timber, India, had to be rescued by a rope 300 meters above the ground after two cable cars malfunctioned and left them stranded when they stopped mid-trip.

The case was registered this afternoon. In all, 16 people were trapped: two operated the two trams and another 14 were tourists. One of the carts got stuck on the uphill path, with four people, and another, with 12, was on a descent path.

According to the Indian Express newspaper, a group of tourists trapped at the scene called those responsible for the cable car service, but, after the delay in the rescue, used social media to spread the word about the case.

“We were concerned about the health of Manoj Goyal, 57, who is diabetic and needs hemodialysis twice a week. We decided to share the situation with the rest of the world after realizing that no one was showing up to rescue us,” said Anju Garg, a of rescued people.

The general manager of the Timber Trail Resort, who runs the cable car, said three tourists were rescued 45 minutes after the cars got stuck. “The others were rescued after a long operation,” he said. Another cable car and a rope were used to remove them from the site.

In all, the rescue operation lasted six hours. According to local police, the hotel’s management will be liable for negligence and put the lives of staff and visitors at risk.

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