Guta Stresser reveals diagnosis of multiple sclerosis: “Terrifying”

Guta Stresser, 49, said he noticed the first signs of the autoimmune disease when he participated in the 'Dance of the Famous', in 2020.

Guta Stresser, 49, said he noticed the first signs of the autoimmune disease when he participated in the ‘Dance of the Famous’, in 2020.

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The actress Gutta Stresserwho played Bebel in the series ‘A Grande Família’ (2001-2014), revealed to have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. “I lost the ground right away. I didn’t even know what it was, it was just that it affected the brain, and that alone sounded terrifying,” she said, in an interview with the magazine. Look.

The 49-year-old actress said she noticed the first signs of the autoimmune disease when she participated in the ‘Dance of the Famous’ in 2020. I understood why, I always had an easy time with these things. With effort, however, I managed to advance in the competition and I didn’t pay much attention to those lapses anymore”, he said.

“But my condition got worse. I started to forget very basic words, like glass and chair. If I stayed still for two hours watching a movie on TV, I soon felt muscle pain. I had frequent tingling in my feet and hands, very strong migraines and variations of humor. The worst was a constant ringing in my ear. It felt like there was a bare wire there, causing a short circuit in my head – something like tzuin, tzuin”, he continued.

“I came to think that it could be Covid-19 or symptoms related to menopause, since I’m entering this phase. And then I took a fall in the living room that lit an alert. I decided to look for an otolaryngologist, thinking that the problem could be summarized a question of balance. At first, he said that everything was fine, but I insisted on having an MRI. After the exam, I finally received the diagnosis: multiple sclerosis”, revealed the artist.

“Working as an actress literally means putting the body at the service of the craft. It is necessary to have absolute control of movements, gestures, expressions and emotions to build a character. camera, or stage, determined by the director. It was with estrangement and anguish that I realized that some of these skills began to fail in my daily life”, he said.

“I was very scared. A movie was unfolding in my head in which I was completely incapacitated. I started having a recurring nightmare: immobile, unable to speak, I tried to warn my partner that, despite the compromised body, my reasoning was there, preserved. Desperate. But, with the help of the neurologist, I understood that diagnosis is not a sentence and that, although the disease has no cure, it does have treatment”, she continued.

gutta need to use a high-cost medicine, which luckily is distributed by the SUS (Unified Health System). “The medication keeps me balanced, without seizures. I’ve also started to take better care of myself. Today I practice yoga, change my diet for the better and do all kinds of brain exercises – from reading books to crossword puzzles. More recently, I’ve included in the CBD oil treatment, a cannabis derivative that is fortunately legalized and has shown promise”.

“After the diagnosis, I redid the MRI and the results were very good, indicating a stable condition. Since I was 13, I understand myself as an actress. the rest of your life. May it be long and full. Every day that passes has that taste of a small victory”, he added.

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