Guta Stresser thanks support after multiple sclerosis diagnosis

Guta Stresser, 49, the eternal Bebel of “A Grande Família” (TV Globo), did not hide her emotion when thanking her for the support she received after disclosing her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. The actress confessed to the disease during an interview with Veja magazine.

This night, on her Instagram, the actress commented, in a series of videos in her Stories, the affection received from friends after confessing about the disease. “Making these Stories to say thank you. I’m receiving a flood of affection. I’ve cried so many times today, that I didn’t think it was appropriate to make videos before. Once again, I see that this great family that I chose to be in at that time was very well chosen. Thank you so much to my friends, people from my profession, everyone manifesting and hugging me”, she said.

Ahead, the actress also named the thanks of Ana Beatriz Nogueira, diagnosed with the same disease. “A diagnosis such as multiple sclerosis, which is an autoimmune disease, which at first has no cure, is very scary. Since the diagnosis, a little over a year ago, I have been very welcomed, my great friend Ana Beatriz Nogueira, diagnosed about 10 years with MS (multiple sclerosis). Today I received many messages from people who have MS, who are treated in different ways”, he said.

With treatment of allopathic medicine and coming from the SUS (Unified Health System), the actress said that the second resonance showed that the disease is stationary and the lesions are paralyzed. She added that she wouldn’t want to talk more about the disease than that.

“These stories are not to talk about the disease, but to thank you for this immense affection, this flood of affection that I received today, which makes me very emotional and very grateful that each of you exist in my life. social networks, or in my daily life, thank you very much to each one of you”, he said.

For the magazine, the actress said that she began to forget basic words, such as glass and chair. While watching a movie on TV, she felt muscle aches after standing still for two hours. “I had frequent tingling in my feet and hands, severe migraines and mood swings. The worst was a constant ringing in my ears. It felt like there was a bare wire there, causing a short circuit in my head. After an MRI, I finally received the diagnosis: multiple sclerosis”.

Upon receiving the confirmation, she said that she lost the ground at the same time, because she didn’t even know what it was, only that it affected the brain. “That alone sounded terrifying to me. I was very scared. A movie was going through my head in which I was completely incapacitated. But with the help of the neurologist, I understood that diagnosis is not a sentence and that, although the disease has no cure, it yes, there is treatment”.

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