“I do what I want with my money”

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The influencer vented after receiving criticism about her financial spending

Image: Reproduction/Official Gkay Instagram
Image: Reproduction/Official Gkay Instagram

And once again, Gkay was again the target of criticism on social media. The influencer used her Twitter profile to vent in the early hours of Tuesday (21), after receiving numerous malicious comments about her ‘unnecessary’ financial expenses.

Next election I’m going to run to see if the people will demand as much satisfaction from what I do with my money, then I want to see. They’re going to knock on a deputy’s door, f******, I’m mayor, no, in that f***. Me, huh, where’s your candidate????”, shot. Then, the influencer explained that all her achievements were the result of her work: “Nobody helped me, nobody. I grew up, left home to study and work, delivered pamphlets in the midday sun and worked odd jobs, even sold phone chips, but today, I have what I have because I worked. Nobody gave it, so I do what I want with my money.”.

“WANT TO TALK ABOUT ME????????? Leave home early, ALONE, face the world, face NO, face EVERYONE, work every day non-stop, support ALL YOUR FAMILY, ALONE!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! Then you talk about me, f**k“, he added.

Gkay ended the matter by reassuring fans, saying he was fine after the outburst. “Don’t worry, I’m doing great and there will be content for you all day, all the time, because NOBODY takes me away from you anymore! NOBODY!!!!!!! Fight, haters, FIGHT”, finished. After leaving a message to the haters, the influencer even changed her profile image to a photo of the late Brazilian comedian Dercy Gonçalves, known for her “no-nonsense” personality.

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