Ifix closes session with gains of 0.33%; FII HGLG11 is a high-profile

The IFIX – an index that gathers the most traded real estate funds on B3 – closed this Monday’s session (20) with a rise of 0.33%, at 2,811 points. In the previous session, the indicator closed down 0.08%. The CSHG Logística fund (HGLG11) topped the list of the highest highs in the trading session, with an increase of 3.11%. Check out the rest of today’s highlights throughout the FII Center.

The vacancy rate of the FII REC Renda Imobiliária (RECT11) fell again and is now at 9.83%, according to a material fact released by the fund on Friday (17), which announced a new tenant in the portfolio.

According to the document, the fund signed a contract with S. Verrreschi Sociedade de Advogados, which will occupy two floors of the Edifício Parque Ana Costa Condominium, located in the city of Santos, in the State of São Paulo.

The lease of the space, which corresponds to an area of ​​1,655 square meters, is already in effect and has a term of 60 months. REC Renda Imobiliária did not report the impact of the lease on the distribution of dividends to shareholders.

Last week, the fund had already signed a contract for the lease of four rooms at Centro Empresarial Parque da Cidade, in Brasília. The space, which totals 1,400 square meters, will be occupied by the Empresa Brasileira de Participações em Energia Nuclear e Binacional.

The last two leases helped reduce the fund’s vacancy to the single digits. A year ago, 31.4% of the REC Renda Imobiliária portfolio was vacant, according to the fund’s management report released in June 2021.

Biggest highs of this Monday (20)

tickerNameSectorVariation (%)
HGLG11CSHG LOGLogistics3.11
HGFF11CSHG FoFTitles and Val. furniture1.96
PVBI11VBI Prime PropertiesCorporate Slabs1.84
KISU11KILIMATitles and Val. furniture1.74
SPTW11SP DowntownCorporate Slabs1.74

Biggest casualties of this Monday (20):

tickerNameSectorVariation (%)
CARE11Brazilian Graveyard and Death CareOthers-1.94
KFOF11Kinea FoFTitles and Val. furniture-1.38
BRCR11BC FUNDHybrid-1.1
IRDM11Iridium Real Estate ReceivablesTitles and Val. furniture-0.99
BBPO11Progressive BB IIagencies-0.97

Source: B3

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Shareholders of V2 Investimentos (VVPR11) want a new manager

Investors with more than 5% of shares in FII V2 Investimentos requested an extraordinary general meeting (AGE) to be held to discuss the exchange of the fund’s administrator.

The group of shareholders defend that the current administrator, BTG Pactual, be replaced by BRL Trust, according to a material fact disclosed on Friday (17).

In view of the request, the managers of V2 Investimentos promise to convene the EGM within a maximum period of 30 days.

In the notice to the market, the fund also announced that it voluntarily reduced the portfolio management fee, from 1.05 to 0.55% per year.

Last week, shareholders holding 6.885% of shares in FII Banestes Receivíveis Imobiliários (BCRI11) also requested the replacement of the portfolio manager, from Banestes DTVM SA to Suno Asset.

today’s dividends

Check out which are the 11 real estate funds that distribute income this Monday (20):

PQDP11D. Pedro Park BRL 6.51
SHDP11Shopping Parque Dom Pedro BRL 5.82
SHDP13Shopping Parque Dom Pedro BRL 3.52
PQDP13D. Pedro Park BRL 2.08
VGIP11Values ​​Cri Index BRL 1.75
VGIR11Value Re III BRL 1.30
CPTS11Flagship Sec II BRL 1.12
MCCI11Mauá Capital Re BRL 1.10
BRLA11BRL Prop II BRL 1.06
CPTS13Flagship Sec II BRL 0.87
MGHT11Mahogany Hotels BRL 0.80
VGIP13Values ​​Cri Index BRL 0.57
CPTS14Flagship Sec II BRL 0.50
TRNT11north tower BRL 0.40
CPTS15Flagship Sec II BRL 0.25
VGIP14Values ​​Cri Index BRL 0.21
VGIA11Valora Cra BRL 0.15
VGIA13Valora Cra BRL 0.15
VGIA15Valora Cra BRL 0.12
MCHF11Mauá Capital Hedge BRL 0.11
VGIA14Valora Cra BRL 0.06
VGIP15Values ​​Cri Index BRL 0.03

Source: InfoMoney

Note: Tickers with an ending other than 11 refer to receipts and subscription rights for the funds.

Giro Imobiliário: market raises forecast for Selic; real estate returns grow in Brazil

Market raises Selic forecast to 13.75% per year after Copom signals

The indication by the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom), of the Central Bank, last week that it should increase the Selic rate by up to 0.5 percentage point at the next meeting in August made financial market economists revise their forecasts for the interest rate. base interest this year.

Most banks and institutions consulted in a survey by Projections Broadcast now predict that the Central Bank should raise interest rates to 13.75% per year at the end of the monetary tightening cycle. A week ago, before the Copom meeting, the estimate was 13.25%.

Of the 38 institutions consulted, 28 (74%) expect a 0.5 percentage point increase in interest rates at the next Copom meeting, in August, to 13.75%. Another nine (24%) estimate an increase of 0.25 points. One house provides for the maintenance of the Selic rate at 13.25%.

For 30 out of 37 institutions (81%), the BC should interrupt interest rate hikes in August. Another seven (19%) expect the BC to continue raising the Selic rate in September. For the end of the year, most banks project the Selic at 10%, compared to 9.63% in the previous survey.

Return of real estate grows and worries the construction sector in the country

The environment of economic crisis in Brazil – with inflation and high interest rates – is starting to unravel the dissolution law, created three and a half years ago to define clear rules for the cancellation of contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate in the plant.

Lawyers in the field report that there are court decisions reducing the fines signed in the contracts within the legal parameters in order to give a stray to consumers in financial difficulties. The situation worries developers, who see the risk of stimulating terminations, generating losses and creating a climate of insecurity for investments in new projects.

The cancellation law came about after sales cancellations exploded from 2014, when the country entered a recession. At the time, there were no rules for this situation, and court decisions forced companies to return 75% of the amount paid by consumers. Developers lost money, left buildings unfinished and spent years with negative results.

With the law, the retention of 50% of the amount paid by the consumer was established until the moment of termination. It was also defined that there will be no refund of the brokerage fee, of about 5% of the value of the property. Another important point: the developers were authorized to return the money only after delivering the property and receiving the occupancy permit, in order to prevent them from running out of money to finish the work.

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