In leaked audio, businessman exposes Simaria and duos who “hate each other”

In the WhatsApp groups formed by powerful entrepreneurs from the countryside – very strong names in the Northeast, mainly –, there is no mention of anything other than the hurricane that Simaria is causing. And that’s how an audio in particular, recorded by Paulo Tear (businessman and contractor for shows in Bahia), took on other proportions. In the outburst of indignation, he used as an example other pairs who hate each other, but who fulfill their contracts without major problems.

The names of Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano and Bruno & Marrone are wide open in this audio obtained by the LeoDias column. Paulo Tear categorically states that they cannot stand each other, and even says that Simaria, because she is away from her commitments, should not even receive her payment.


“If I am mayor, I discount a value. I have nothing to do with their quarrel. Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano hate each other, but they fulfilled all their contracts singing together. Bruno & Marrone hate each other, but they sing together, you know? These dogs no, they don’t like anyone. Now, don’t come and sing with the paycheck upstairs. Whoops! Cachê is R$ 400,000, R$ 200 is cost, invoice, band, cart… that’s it. That the band comes complete. Of the other R$200, it is R$100 for each ‘black girl’. Give me the R$100 for this one, no, no, it will stay here. Won’t sing. Or will you stay at home and still receive the cache? It’s going to chip, ”said the manager about how he would handle the situation if he were to hire one of their shows, at that moment.

Paulo Tear is a businessman of personalities such as Leonardo and Eduardo Costa in the Northeast. He has more than 25,000 followers on Instagram and is among the most influential in the region, where he also works as a cultural producer and presenter.


Simaria’s departure from the stage

In an official note sent to the column, the advice of the duo reported that Simaria left the stage due to medical determination. The singer sent the message to fans through the statement:

“My loves, singing is everything I love most, but right now, I need to get away from the stage to take care of my health. Certain that we will meet again soon. Be the second voice of my sister, Simone, in my absence. We will meet again soon!”.

Simone took over the duo’s shows last Thursday (16/6), where a performance was scheduled at the Festa dos Tomates in the city of Paty dos Alferes, in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro.

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