Ipojucan’s girlfriend, from ‘No Limite’, talks about the participant’s bisexuality | 2022

After the new formation of the Tribes in ‘No Limite’, Ipojucanin conversation with Tribo Lua, told a little more about his bisexuality after Victor and Matheus talk about the matter. Come see the moment! 👇

Matheus Pires is interested in Ipojucan

Matheus Pires is interested in Ipojucan

In exclusive conversation with gshowLaís Antunes, Ipojucan’s girlfriend, said that the circus artist always knew it was different from what would be accepted in your realityliving in a small town in the interior of Minas Gerais and in a traditional family.

I understood that there were desires and ideas that didn’t fit in that world”

— Laís, Ipojucan’s girlfriend

Together for six months, Laís, who is also bisexual, also reveals that when Ipojucan left Pequeri (MG) and moved to Rio de Janeiro, the participant of ‘No Limite’ was able to live many experiments, including his sexuality.

After two long relationships, with a woman followed by a man, he could really understand what space he inhabited.”

— Laís, Ipojucan’s girlfriend

Ipojucan, from ‘No Limite’, and girlfriend — Photo: Personal Archive

in the month of LGBTQIAP Pride+, Laís reinforces the importance of not making bisexuality unfeasible and legitimize attraction to different sexes and genders.

It’s quite common for people to try to categorize us as heterosexual or homosexual, which they understand as indecision.”

— Laís, Ipojucan’s girlfriend

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