Itaipava breaks up with Alok and asks for R$ 17 million after DJ goes to Brahma box

The LeoDias column had access to a lawsuit that Grupo Petrópolis, owner of the Itaipava beer, filed against Alok asking for around R$ 17 million from the DJ and the companies involved. This happened because he was the poster boy for Black Princess beer, which belongs to the conglomerate, and even so, he was hired to play in Camarote N1, at this year’s Sapucaí Carnival, which is sponsored by Brahma. On his way to space, the DJ shared photos and videos of his performance on Instagram.

Alok even removed the Brahma brand from the front of his shirt, but he was still warned by Grupo Petrópolis, in addition to keeping the Brahma logo on his back. The DJ, however, refused to delete the post. After that, he would have tried a contract change, ceasing to be a poster boy for Black Princess and starting to represent only the energy drink brand of Grupo Petrópolis, which was not accepted.


According to sources in the column, the bond established between Alok and the company is R$ 20 million, with a duration of five years. Half of the amount has already been paid. Now, Grupo Petrópolis asks for the amount back, in addition to a fine.

Other companies processed

In addition to Alok, other companies were also included in the process: A-Branding LTDA and Alive LTDA. Grupo Petrópolis also seeks the conviction of the companies Lopes Oliva LTDA and Cross Networking LTDA. In total, the company is asking for R$ 17,290,000 from the parties involved.

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