Jumbo seized in Argentina took off with just 2 pilots and landed with 23 people

The unfolding of the seizure of the Venezuelan-Iranian Jumbo in Argentina becomes more murky, with the revelation that the Iranians were not helping the Venezuelan crew.

Disclosure – Conviasa

Suspicions of the flight being linked to something obscure began with the crew list, which was missing people and, even among those listed, there were Iranian citizens who, in theory, were not participating in the flight operation. After it was discovered that the aircraft had already been boycotted by the United States because of its connections with Iran, the investigations went deeper and reached the aircraft’s black boxes.

At first, Venezuela denied that there was anything or anyone illegal on the aircraft, despite the fact that the passenger list was divergent. However, 23 crew members for a cargo flight is something strange, which the Venezuelans could not explain. Generally, a cargo flight takes off with one or two crews, totaling no more than eight people.

There were 14 Venezuelan crew members: Victoria Vanessa Valdivieso Marval, Vicente Antonio Raga Tenias, Zeus Andrés Rojas Velásquez, Ricardo Antonio Rendón Oropeza, Nelson Alberto Coello, Mario Urdaneta Arraga, Víctor Pérez Gómez, José García Contreras, Cornelio Trujillo Candor, José Ramírez Martínez, Jesús Landaeta Oraa, Armando Marcano Estreso, Albert Pérez Ginez, Ángel Marín Ovalles.

There are 5 Iranians: Gholamreza Ghasemi Abbas, Abdolbaset Mohammadi, Mohammad Khosravi Aragh, Mahdi Mouseli and Saeid Vali Zadeh.

The cargo was confirmed as legitimate and left Mexico for Argentina with a stopover in Caracas. However, it has now been revealed that the plane has arrived and left Mexico with just two pilots, exactly the bare minimum, and that they were Venezuelans.

As a Mexican journalist told Rádio Jái, the government of Mexico confirmed its tight control at Querétaro Airport, where the Jumbo was shipped with auto parts. And at all times there were only two crew members on the 747. With this statement by the Mexican authorities, it is clear that the Iranians boarded in Venezuela during the technical stop, and that they were not there to train the Venezuelan pilots, who had already come and gone. to Mexico alone.

Pilots Gholamreza Ghasemi and Mahdi Museli, Iranians linked to the Quds force and Qeshm Fair Air, who were arrested in Argentina

The situation only worsened after an Argentine deputy revealed and showed fake US passports used by Iranians who were in the country 60 days ago. They were caught with false documents in Viedma, capital of the province of Rio Negro, far from Buenos Aires.

The forged US passport stated that the two men were born in Pakistan and acquired US citizenship, but the US denied the authenticity of the document. It is still unclear whether there is a link between the Iranians arrested in Viedma and those with the Jumbo, but Argentine authorities are investigating the case in detail, while the 747-300 remains stopped in Ezeiza.

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