Karina Bacchi’s ex poses with their son and surprises with an outburst

Amaury Nunes, ex of Karina Bacchi, talks about missing his son and surprises

The actress’ ex-husband Karina Bacchithe entrepreneur Amaury Nunes, left his followers thrilled once again. The ex-couple made the union official in 2018. In May of this year, both announced the end of the relationship, through social networks, after four years together.

They are the parents of a single heir. Enrico has four years to live. Biologically he is only the son of the famous. The actress resorted to in vitro fertilization (IVF) to have her firstborn. The procedure was performed in the United States with genetic material from a donor. At the time, she had ended a 15-year marriage.

In the middle of the process of implanting the embryo, she met Aumary. After they were legally married, the businessman went to court to change his son’s birth certificate. Later, he gave the boy his paternal name. On his social networks, Amaury published this Sunday (19) an old photo with the little boy.

In the click, Enrico appears sitting on his father’s shoulders and smiling at the camera. “Saudades”, wrote the ex-husband of Karina Bacchi in the caption. This is not the first time, since the couple’s separation, that Amaury has spoken publicly about the lack of his son.

Followers soon left comments and there was no shortage of opinions. “The child has nothing to do with the fight between them. He has always been a father, regardless of blood,” said an internet user. Another wished: “I hope you get to see your son again, since you registered him. God knows everything”.

In this last week, Karina Bacchi made some controversial statements in his profile. The actress talked a lot about loyalty in marriage. “Commitment = RESPONSIBILITY. To be responsible is to be faithful, fair, true. Are we really being faithful?”, asked the artist.

She also completed the outburst: “May we be true believers, not only quoting empty, incomplete, out of context verses, but may we be believers who care to live in the paths of righteousness, seeking wisdom and holiness even when no one is watching or applauding. our public demonstrations”.

Businessman Amaury Nunes, ex-husband of Karina Bacchi, spoke about missing his son

Instagram reproduction Entrepreneur Amaury Nunes, ex-husband of Karina Bacchi, spoke about the lack of his son

Actress Karina Bacchi made a controversial account on her social networks

Instagram reproduction Actress Karina Bacchi made a controversial outburst on her social media

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