Law firms in Blumenau and region warn of a scam via WhatsApp

Clients of law firms operating in Blumenau and region are being victims of scams applied on WhatsApp. According to one of the companies, the scams are also being noticed in other offices.

“It’s been three weeks since we started noticing the scams in our customers. The messages are rich in information such as customer personal data and case numbers. We don’t know how they got the information,” says an employee at one of the offices, who declined to be identified.


Also according to the office, criminals have been sending messages to customers as if it were an official company number. In the messages, they inform that customers have procedural values ​​to receive, but that they must first pay some fees.

“Many end up being suspicious, but many customers unfortunately end up transferring values. A client of ours even paid R$ 18,000 to the thieves”, concludes the employee.


Companies recommend that if customers notice they receive messages of this type, they look for the company’s official phone numbers or contact them personally.

“Another interesting point is to pay attention to the area code. If you suffer the coup, the right thing is to file a police report, but unfortunately, it is difficult to succeed in finding out who applied the coup”, says a lawyer from another office.

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