Lula says that Petrobras’ CPI is Bolsonaro’s attempt to ‘play responsibility for his incapacity’ on top of others | Elections 2022 in Sao Paulo

Presidential candidate for the PT, Lula said this Tuesday morning (21), in São Paulo, that the attempt by the federal government to establish a CPI to investigate Petrobras is a way for President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) to “play responsibility for their inability” on others.

“The first thing he [Bolsonaro] tries to do is to throw the responsibility of their incapacity day after day onto others”, said Lula.

The PT’s speech took place during the launch of the draft government plan of the party’s ticket with other acronyms and which has Geraldo Alckmin (PSB) as a candidate for vice president.

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Members of the Bolsonaro government consider the Petrobras CPI as an electoral stage, as is the case of the ruling Chamber’s leader, Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), as published by Andréia Sadi on her blog.

Barros said the commission would be responsible for investigating “alleged irregularities in the fuel pricing process.”

The PT’s proposal on fuel is based on “Brazilian fuel prices”, a speech repeated by Lula in his travels around the country. The idea is to end the International Price Parity, the PPI, which defines the value of gasoline and diesel, for example. In the document, the party still opposes the privatization of Petrobras.

Lula and Alckmin at an event in the capital of São Paulo, this Tuesday (21) — Photo: Isaac Fontana/CJPress/Estadão Conteúdo

Lula also said in his speech that Bolsonaro could reduce fuel prices “with a pen.” “He could listen to Petrobras’ advice and reduce the price,” she said.

On Monday (20), Bolsonaro told supporters that Petrobras “has set aside in their document to reach a goal, R$ 200 billion this year for shareholders”, which the company denied.

Launch of proposals

The PT and allied parties officially launched the initial text for the Lula-Alckmin ticket’s government plan for the October presidential election. The meeting took place at the Perseu Abramo Foundation, in the central region of São Paulo.

In addition to Lula, Geraldo Alckmin, pre-candidate for vice-presidency, and representatives of other allied parties, such as PCdoB, PV, Rede, Psol and Solidarity, were present to present the initial ideas for the proposals of an eventual government.

Alckmin spoke about the need to resume economic growth, but that it should happen with income transfers and without destroying the environment. The former toucan criticized recent events promoted by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who was in Manaus last week for a motorcycle ride with supporters.

“You don’t do a democratic government program on motorcycles, on jetskis, you just listen to the population, dialoguing”, said Alckmin.

The former governor of São Paulo ended his speech with a defense of democracy, saying that “we, the people, pass. Institutions stay. We need to have good institutions”.

Leaders such as Gleisi Hoffmann and Carlos Siqueira, presidents of PT and PSB, respectively, spoke before the pre-candidates. Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede), Paulinho da Força (Solidariedade), Luciana Santos (PCdoB), among others, also participated.

Former senator Eduardo Suplicy intervened before Lula’s speech and demanded the fact that he was not formally invited to the meeting and that the citizen’s basic income, a proposal he has defended for years, is not included in the project. Aloizio Mercadante, mediator of the meeting and responsible for preparing the document, replied that the proposal is indeed included in the program. Suplicy pledged to defend the Lula-Alckmin campaign.

The guidelines for an eventual Lula-Alckmin government had been delivered to the partner subtitles earlier this month, as announced by the columnist for g1 Julia Dualibi.

Among the main points, the text foresaw the repeal of the labor reform made during the government of Michel Temer (MDB), was against the privatization of Eletrobrás – which ended up being approved and was publicly traded on the São Paulo stock exchange last week – and criticized “passive guidance” in exchange rate policy.

Lula and Alckmin present new slate government guidelines

Lula and Alckmin present new slate government guidelines

The parties have requested adjustments to the material in the two weeks since they received the text and presentation this morning. The most relevant point, as Julia Duailibi published, involves the labor reform, a point softened in the guidelines – it abandoned the repeal of the reform itself to repeal “regressive milestones” in labor legislation.

The parties created a website for people to have access to the document, weekly debates and space for submitting proposals. According to the PT, there will be a team of moderators to coordinate the submitted ideas, which will be published with the conclusion of the government plan.

Lula and Alckmin are officially allies in the presidential campaign since May 7, with the official pre-campaign. At the event held in São Paulo, Alckmin had covid and participated in a virtual way.

The two continue with trips through Brazil as a way of pasting the image of the former governor of São Paulo, a historical picture of the PSDB, with the PT campaign. The duo was together in states like Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Minas Gerais.

The PT’s intention is to associate the figure of Ackmim with that of Lula so that, later, the former toucan will dialogue with businessmen and the electorate more to the center to bring support to Lula’s candidacy for a third term – he presided over Brazil between 2002 and 2010.

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