Maisa is a good bet to succeed Bonner in charge of Jornal Nacional – 06/20/2022

The most varied vehicles focused on behind-the-scenes coverage of Brazilian TV are on hold due to two fundamental issues: the possible inclusion of Maisa in the increasingly exclusive circle of artists with a fixed contract at Globo and the succession of William Bonner at Jornal National.

Whoever browses this segment of the news has the feeling that at any moment they will stumble on the information on what commitment the former little brat of the Silvio Santos Program will assume in Curicica.

The main trend, according to what we read, is to be in charge of the Video Show. The program went off the air in 2019, after 36 years of good service to the construction of the ethos of our entertainment. It ended up losing strength and relevance to make way for Se Joga, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea to start the week talking about it.

In the company of the star of Carousel, two important figures appear quoted to present the reboot. Ana Clara, the most brilliant silver in the house, who participated in a stage in the final stretch of the previous incarnation, and Sabrina Sato, who arrived from Record with the morale of a global veteran.

They are all excellent names, and Video Show is really missing from the lineup. But I believe that Maisa has an even more noble mission, if she is really interested in receiving a badge from Globo.

As I wrote at the beginning of this column, for a few months now, people who are very aware of what happens in the corridors of major broadcasters have signaled that William Bonner’s passage as commander of Jornal Nacional is close to an end.

Since 1996 in the role, the journalist would be looking for someone to succeed him on the small screen, while he would dedicate himself more to the editorial management of the main news program in the country. The buzz gained muscle due to the high turnover of replacements in recent months.

I believe that Maisa is the ideal name to take over driving JN after Bonner’s farewell. She is a conscientious, intelligent artist with interesting positions on the things that matter.

Having her as a crooner of the most relevant facts in Brazil on a daily basis would help Globo bring back a younger audience to TV, in addition to renewing the language towards the most frantic anxieties of the 21st century.

The suggestion is made, now the ball is with Globo. With just one move, it can put an end to months of press speculation on two different subjects.

We’ll be back at any time with new information.

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