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“Érica is from São Paulo, the daughter of a federal deputy and a journalist. She wants to understand what is happening in the Pantanal, to see why there are so many fires, why there are so many mines, and she is really curious. Leôncio”, anticipates the actress, in a conversation with Gshow.

Marcela Fetter with Gabriel Santana, Camila Morgado and Guito: union behind the scenes — Photo: Personal archive

Soon after returning from a month of recording in the Pantanal, Marcela says that the experience of the region is magical. “There’s a lot of life and it’s all very special, it seems like you’re living a dream, because if you look at one side, there’s a family of alligators. Look at the other, there’s a family of capybaras, and you can see everything!”, comment.

Recently, Marcela was one of the actresses who made waves on social media with a publication of the soap opera actors dancing to the track. “I have the password”in João Gomes, in a Friday mood. There were more than 55 thousand likes on Murilo Benício’s post, which conquered the web.

“That day, we woke up with a lot of ideas playing as if ‘Pantanal’ were a reality show (laughs)”, recalls Marcela. “Each one played and we had fun from start to finish. Everyone is up for anything, they are creative and lighthearted”

Every other day, it is very normal to see publications by Pantanal actors on social networks having fun behind the scenes. In the opinion of the gaúcha, the most fun behind the scenes are quite easy to determine:

“If you were going to have a laugh with someone at a table, it would be with Marcos Palmeira and Murilo Benício. There’s nothing for anyone, they’re quick to joke, there’s no way not to have fun”.

Marcela with Aline Borges, Lucas Leto, Dira Paes and Murilo Benício: guaranteed fun — Photo: Personal archive

For Rafa Sieg, another actor who enters the plot in the coming weeks, Marcos Palmeira is, in fact, a great protagonist on and off the screen.

“Marcos is a super host, a guy who is the protagonist of the story and very aggregator. Even with the mission of being away from home for so long recording, he manages to keep his spirits up and be fun and exchange a good idea”, praises Rafa.

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