Marko talks about Pérez and concerns about Verstappen in the GP

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If one side of red bull celebrated with another victory of Max Verstappennot now Canadian GP in formula 1the other ended in disappointment due to the abandonment of Sergio Perez. And according to consultant Helmut Marko, the Mexican’s problem was not the only concern of the Austrian team during the race.

Pérez’s weekend as a whole was fraught with difficulties. In qualifying, he crashed into the wall at Turn 13 and found himself eliminated in Q2, starting in just 13th. And after just eight laps of the race, he found himself stopped at the side of the track due to problems with his Red Bull.

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After the race, Marko explained what happened to Pérez’s car, further explaining that Verstappen could have retired as well due to problems.

“Czech’s gearbox has decomposed,” Marko told the Austrian channel. ORF. “It wasn’t new anymore, but according to our calculations, it should have lasted this GP. Maybe Saturday’s accident affected it, although it seems that the shock didn’t interfere.”

Despite the lost points, Pérez remains in the runner-up at the Worlds, as Charles Leclerc finished only in fifth position. But Marko went on to explain what Red Bull’s concern was with Verstappen’s car.

“As for Verstappen’s car, everything was fine with the gearbox. But we were worried about the brakes. At the beginning of the race, the temperature of the discs and pads approached a critical value.”

Despite this, Verstappen extended his lead in the Drivers’ Championship, opening 46 points for Pérez and 49 for Leclerc in third, with the championship approaching halfway, which will take place in just two races, at the Austrian GP.

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