Moraes determines that social networks block PCO profiles within 24 hours

posted on 06/20/2022 16:52

  (credit: rosineiCoutinho/SCO/STF)

(credit: rosineiCoutinho/SCO/STF)

Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), determined that social networks block, within 24 hours, the official profiles of the Partido da Causa Operária (PCO). The acronym was included in the fake news inquiry for disseminating attacks and false news about Court magistrates.

Companies that do not comply with Moraes’ order may receive a fine of R$ 20,000 per day.

“Officially notify Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Youtube, Tik Tok to immediately block the PCO’s profiles/channels. In case of non-compliance, I will set a daily fine of BRL 20,000.00 ), under the terms of the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Code of Civil Procedure, without prejudice to the imposition of other coercive measures”, wrote the minister.

PCO president Rui Costa Pimenta testified to the Federal Police last week. The far-left party accused the STF of a coup and even called Alexandre de Moraes a “skinhead”. The caption also defended the “dissolution” of the Supreme Court – which would be unconstitutional.

“In a rage for dictatorship, skinhead in toga shreds the right of expression, and prepares a new coup in the elections. Repression of rights will always turn against workers! Dissolution of the STF”, said the party.

Another criticism of the acronym was the order to block the Telegram application, which refused to comply with legal measures imposed by Moraes. The PCO called the decision a dictatorship and said that the measure was an attempt to rig the elections.

In the decision, Moraes said that there are strong indications that the party infrastructure of the PCO, a political party that receives public money, has been used to boost the spread of criminal statements, through the official profiles of the party and on the party’s own portal.

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