Mourão says that Dom ‘gaiato entered’ when he was killed in AM – 06/20/2022 – Poder

Vice President Hamilton Mourão said this Monday (20) that the death of British journalist Dom Phillips was a “side effect” of the work of the indigenist who accompanied him and also died, Bruno Pereira.

“If there is a mastermind, it’s a trader in the area who was feeling harmed by the action, mainly by Bruno and not by Dom. Dom got in on the joke. It was a side effect,” he said.

So far, the PF (Federal Police) has arrested three suspects, all fishermen, two of whom have already confessed to the murder, according to investigators.

Mourão also said that the fishermen are riverside dwellers without access to good living conditions and even compared the possible crime with others that occur in large cities in the country, linking the case to the consumption of alcoholic beverages – a hypothesis never mentioned by the investigators so far.

“In my assessment it must have happened on Sunday [5, dia em que os dois desapareceram], the gang drinks, gets drunk, the same thing that happens here on the outskirts of big cities. Here in Brasília, we know, every weekend there are people who are stabbed, shot, in the most cowardly ways, usually the result of what? From the drink. So the same thing must have happened there,” he declared.

The statements were refuted by Univaja (Union of Indigenous Peoples of Vale do Javari). Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips were in Vale do Javari, in the interior of Amazonas, to monitor the surveillance work of the entity, for which the indigenist worked, when they disappeared.

Univaja said that Mourão’s statements demonstrate that the vice president is unaware of the activities of indigenists in the region, the incidence of drug trafficking in the area and the reality of fishermen who work with illegal fishing. He also saw disrespect for the expression “getting in with a joke”.

“The murder of Bruno and Dom demonstrates an orderly and planned action, not the result of chance, presupposing the participation of countless people who endeavored to follow Bruno and Dom’s vessel, to hide their belongings and vessel, dismember their bodies, burn them. them and bury them in different parts of the search area”, they contest, about the alleged drunkenness of the fishermen.

The entity said that it is not just about “simple riverside dwellers”. “Because riverine people would not have the financial conditions to extract tons of environmental illicit in long illegal trips to the indigenous land.”

Mourão, as a reserve general working in the region, was appointed by President Jair Bolsonaro in 2020 to coordinate public government policies in the North of the country, through the National Council for the Legal Amazon.

Also on Monday, there were protests in Brasília over the deaths of Phillips and Bruno and the departure of Funai president Marcelo Xavier. Foundation employees organized a vigil that brought together around 30 people in front of Funai’s headquarters. The demonstration was organized by the INA (Associated Indigenists).

About 30 young people also protested for the same reasons in Praça dos Três Poderes. People dressed in shirts from the Youth for Climate movements and the collective “Juntos!” they carried posters and flags for the act, which also demanded investigations by alleged masterminds of the deaths of the journalist and the indigenist. They gathered in front of the Planalto Palace and then walked to the Federal Supreme Court.

as showed the SheetFunai currently has more vacant positions than occupied and has reached the lowest number of permanent employees since 2008. It also left vacant a crucial position for the inspection of indigenous lands in the Vale do Javari region.

A dossier produced by indigenist entities states that Xavier is primarily responsible for the entry of soldiers into key positions at the foundation and that his management, in addition to not having advanced in any demarcation of indigenous land, has reports of harassment against civil servants — one of the reasons that led Bruno Pereira himself to ask permission from the entity.

According to expertise made by the Federal Police, the two were killed with hunting weapons. The indigenist was shot three times, while the journalist was shot dead.

Jair Bolsonaro used social media this Monday to try to counter the speech that his administration does not prioritize the protection of indigenous people, in addition to having published a photo in which he appears with a headdress.

“While the left feigns indignation and spreads lies to deceive the innocent, accusing my government of threatening Indians, for example, data shows that we have increased investments in the protection of isolated indigenous people by more than 300% and in the inspection of indigenous lands by 150%” , he wrote.

The president, who leads a government marked by anti-indigenous rhetoric, did not specify the origin of the mentioned data.

“We reduced the homicides of Indians, settlers, landless people, squatters and quilombolas, reaching a lower average of deaths in the countryside than in the PT government. The extension of gun ownership to farmers and the delivery of +340 thousand property titles reduced invasions and conflicts “, he stated.

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