MRV (MRVE3) and Odontoprev (ODPV3) approve earnings; Eletrobras (ELET3) pays grant bonus and more news

This Tuesday’s corporate news (21) highlights the distribution of earnings by MRV (MRVE3) and Odontoprev (ODPV3).

São Martinho (SMTO3) recorded an increase of 8.7% in net income in the fourth quarter of the 2021/22 crop year. The company also approved the payment of interest on equity (JCP) in the amount of R$ 115 million.

Oi (OIBR3) has again postponed the release of results for the first quarter of 2022.

Eletrobras (ELET6;ELET3), in turn, paid BRL 26.6 billion to the Federal Government in bonuses for granting new electricity generation concession contracts.

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Eletrobras (ELET3; ELET6) paid an amount of R$ 26.635 billion, referring to the amount due as bonuses for the granting of new electricity generation concession contracts, within the scope of its privatization process.

The state-owned company also informed that BNDESPar, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BNDES, sold 69,801,516 ON shares held by the electric company within the scope of the Global Public Offering by the electric company. The sale, together with the dilution resulting from the primary tranche of the aforementioned offer, caused BNDESPar to surpass, downwards, the level of 5% of the total ON shares issued by Eletrobras.

Oi (OIBR3;OIBR4) postponed the release of the balance sheet for the first quarter, which was scheduled for today (21), to June 28. However, the company anticipated preliminary revenue of R$ 4.383 billion.

The company’s preliminary routine earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) reached BRL 1.128 billion in the period, an increase of 8% compared to the same quarter in 2021.

The company informed that among the reasons for the postponement are the complexity of the work of segregation of assets in the three SPEs that integrate the UPI Ativos Móveis and the need to obtain the opinions of the independent auditors for the respective financial statements of the three SPEs and the conclusion of the sale of UPI Ativos Móveis and the sale of control of UPI InfraCo.

MRV (MRVE3) approved the distribution of dividends in the amount of R$95.5 million, equivalent to R$0.197808371 per share. The earnings will be credited on July 5th, based on the shareholding position on June 23rd.

Saint Martin (SMTO3)

São Martinho (SMTO3) recorded net income of R$ 225.4 million in the fourth quarter of the 2021/22 crop year, an increase of 8.7% compared to the same period in the previous year.

The company will pay interest on equity (JCP) in the amount of R$115 million, or R$0.33 per share.

Odontoprev (ODPV3)

Odontoprev (ODPV3) approves payment of JCP in the amount of R$17.6 million, equivalent to R$0.0316 per share, payable on December 21.

Cemig (CMIG4) decided not to exercise the preemptive right to subscribe for new shares issued as a result of the capital increase of its affiliate Madeira Energia SA (MESA). In this way, Cemig GT’s total direct and indirect interest in MESA’s capital stock was reduced, after the approval of the capital increase, from 15.51% to 7.53% of the total capital.

Modal Bank (MODL11)

Banco Modal (MODL11) approved the conversion of PN shares into ON, at a ratio of 1 PN to 1 ON, as part of the purchase process by XP.

Viveo (VVEO3) launches the Prevena brand, integrating the seven companies that operate in the laboratory segment and connecting them to manufacturers and suppliers.

Tegma (TGMA3) reported that the company’s CEO, Marcos Antonio Leite de Medeiros, resigned today. Medeiros will remain in office until June 30, to lead the transition process. The post will be occupied by the president of the subsidiary GDL, Nivaldo Tuba, as of July 1st.

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