Mumuzinho calls the stage of the show a man who went viral with ‘an elbow’ | Rio de Janeiro

Ending a relationship is not always a smooth mission. But enjoying a pagode show in the midst of suffering can be even worse. It was in this situation that the self-employed jeferson eugenio39, was filmed while complaining to singer Mumuzinho because of the “elbow pain” that made him suffer.

The video in which Jefferson appears expressing himself with sadness when remembering his ex went viral on social media and, feeling sorry for the fan’s situation, the singer invited Jeferson to suffer live on the stage of the ‘Resenha do Mumu’, which took place this Sunday (19), at the Olympic Park, West Zone of Rio.

The artist took the “scolding” calmly and even joked with the fan on stage.

Mumuzinho calls to the stage of the show a man who went viral with ‘an elbow’ — Photo: Reproduction/Social networks

“I said that there because I was sad, suffering, needy at that moment. The song he sang touched my heart and I said I hate him, he’s no good, but I don’t. He is a very good person, friendly, polite and really popular”, explains the self-employed.

Jeferson also says that the reason for so much pain and anger, captured in the video made by the friend, was the way in which the seven-year relationship came to an end.

“We used to live together, then when I got home I noticed that there were some things that were missing from her. Every day it faded a little more. Then I came to her and asked ‘what’s up, what’s going on?’ and she just told me she couldn’t do it anymore and left,” she recalls.

Despite feeling the weight of the separation and having suffered with the end of the relationship, Jeferson guarantees that there is no turning back and waits to recover 100% to return to the Mumuzinho show and really enjoy it.

Jeferson Eugênio went viral when he complained to Mumuzinho for ‘love pain’ — Photo: Personal Archive

The greatest ‘Review’ in history

Mumuzinho presented ‘the biggest Review’ this Sunday (19), at the Olympic Park — Photo: Suelen Bastos/ g1

For the artist, who caught Covid and even needed exercises to recover the rhythm of work after the disease, the show ‘Review of Mumu’ it had a special flavor, both for being the biggest edition of the event, but also for bringing more joy to the world of samba and pagode after a long period of seclusion.

“We’ve been waiting for a long time for this moment to be able to do big events and I’m happy to see that there are a lot of people coming to honor this project, which started small, for less than a thousand people and today we are for more than seven thousand people. I’m happy to be able to be putting the samba of this size”, he declares.

For Mumu, the main inspiration for the event is the joy of the stages and the tireless desire to take the musical style to every corner.

“We, singers and artists, have been thinking about putting samba in the place it deserves and it deserves this structure, these people who are involved, deserve the coverage it has been receiving. Samba has given me many joys and accomplishments, and there is nothing better than realizing this on stage”, he explains.

The singer also points out that, despite the growth of the musical project, the concern with Covid remains with the entire production and warns that, if sanitary conditions allow, ‘Resenha 2’ will be released soon.

“We are advancing in the number of Covid cases and we are concerned about it. We asked for proof of vaccine, Covid tests in trials. I want to do ‘Resenha 2’ in a bigger place, of course, if I have the means to do it”, he says.

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