N26 opens 10 thousand vacancies for new customers on the waiting list

Banco N26 will open ten thousand vacancies for new customers in Brazil. Fincare was created in 2013 in Germany and is already in several countries in Europe, as well as in the United States. Interested parties filled out a registration form on the N26 website to join the waiting list. Brazil is the 26th country where fincare will be launched.

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According to N26, they spent two years creating a product 100% Brazilian. To accomplish this feat, fincare had the help of a totally local team. The bank already has around seven million customers around the world, 10 offices and more than 1,500 employees.

Vacancies for new customers on the N26

N26’s proposal is for customers to have more control over their financial lives.

Some Brazilians have already tested the service, so now fincare will open vacancies for new customers.

Ten thousand people who are already on the waiting list will be selected. This will be a new group that will have the chance to open a bank account. The selection will take place this June.

The proposal is to prioritize the order of arrival of these people. Since the first two thousand already test the services, now ten thousand more will finally have access.

According to N26, the selection will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, in addition, these people will be responsible for indicating the improvements and adaptation suggestions for the bank to grow even more in the provision of services.

And speaking of them, they are among the options: save money, for those who want to make an emergency reserve, for example, in addition to other spaces for paying fixed bills, such as rent, housing and many others.

The proposal of several virtual cards has also drawn attention, as you can have a card exclusive for transportation expenses and another for food, for example. In the end, all expenses arrive on the same invoice, but the main gain is due to the management of accounts by type of expense.

All services will be in the testing phase by customers on the waiting list, however N26 should disclose the launch schedule in Brazil very soon.

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