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A hit from 1984, “Amor com Amor se Paga”, by Ivani Ribeiro, can be watched on Globoplay from this Monday, 6/20. In the plot, Nonô Corrêa, played by Ary Fontoura, who locked the fridge and pantry to prevent her children Elisa (Bia Nunes) and Tomaz (Edson Celulari) from eating more than necessary, became slang for a greedy person.

It was in the novel that Narjara Turetta, now 55 years old, shone as the villain Isabel. Envious, she kept trying to steal Tomaz (Edson Celulari) from her sister Mariana (Claudia Ohana), who was dating him.

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Edson Celulari, Ary Fontoura and Narjara Turetta in “Amor com Amor se Paga” — Photo: Globo

When he learned from the plot director Atílio Riccó that Isabel could arouse the hatred of the viewers, Narjara loved it!

“I thought it was wonderful. I read the chapters and found her quite unsympathetic. At the time I lived in Copacabana, in the South Zone of Rio, and I was almost beaten on the streets. A woman stopped me and said pointing her finger very close to my nose, almost hitting me: ‘I want to hit her in the face!’ ”, remembers Narjara.

Narjara with Claudia Ohana, Beatriz Lyra and Adriano Reys, her family in the plot — Photo: Globo

The actress became a friend of the author Ivani Ribeiro and fortnightly they spoke on the phone. (at that time there was no internet or cell phone!). “She told me everything that was going to happen to Bel and in the end she loved my character, Rogê, who was played by Mário Cardoso.”

Bel, Narjara’s character won a love in the soap opera: Rogê, played by Mário Cardoso — Photo: Globo

And it is Mário who invites Narjara to work as a voice actor whenever a job in the area appears. The actor is now 72 years old and is a dubbing director.

Narjara Turetta also works as a voice actress — Photo: Personal archive

The actress also just launched a podcast on Youtube with actress Roberta Foster, the “Tell Me There” and is getting ready to return in September with the show “A Casa da Sogra”. In the cinema, she acted in “Desapega”, starring her friend Gloria Pires.

Narjara, who years ago had to sell coconuts to survive, is now enjoying a great professional phase and is celebrating the end of a R$80,000 debt with the bank:

“It was related to overdrafts. But I got a deal and they reduced the value by 90%. I paid it off twice!”, he celebrates.

Narjara Turetta acted alongside Gloria Pires and Marcos Pasquim in the feature film “Desapega” — Photo: Personal archive

The actress now lives alone with her three kittens: Nick, John and Simon – Photo: Personal archive

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