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Nego Di pinned Juliette after the singer denounced xenophobia on the webreproduction

Published 06/20/2022 22:00

São Paulo – Nego Di doesn’t regret maintaining his disaffection with Juliette Freire after “BBB 21”. The comedian and third eliminated from the reality would not change anything in the game in relation to the champion of the program. He also stated that he does not speak with Bil Araújo and Projota.

“I did with her what I would like to do, which is stop talking and ignore existence, because she is boring as hell”, he commented, in an interview with “Foi Mau”.

Nego Di also lists the participants he has no contact with. “Few people I do not speak at all. I never spoke to Juliette again, Bil and Projota too”, he confides.

The comedian also recounted an unpleasant situation he had with Projota. “When Projota came out and saw the scenario, he kind of excluded himself from us. I sent a textão saying: ‘It was an honor to be with you, if you need anything, being within my reach, count on me. I wish we could keep contact.’ He never answered me,” he said.

In the conversation with Maurício Meirelles, Nego Di said that he received a device with internet access from the production of “BBB” and learned information during the confinement at the hotel, before the reality began.

“I was given an electronic device and they said: ‘There are series to watch here, but browsing is blocked, you can’t access the internet.’ And they gave me another [aparelho]” he explained.

“There [um dia] I gave the device to the production guy and asked for another one. Only this one had the search engine open and I saw everything, everyone who was going to enter, I knew everything,” he said.

He says he was not the only one to receive the device. “Later, when everyone left and had ‘Day 101’, other participants also revealed that they had won this device”, guaranteed Nego Di.

“When I was invited and I accepted, I knew I was going to be cancelled. I’m a comedian, I talked nonsense everywhere and I got into a fight with a lot of people. But when I saw that the cancellation was already happening, I thought: ‘I need to cancel urgently, I can’t go to the first wall’. I couldn’t be 100% Nego Di, because I was worried about what I was going to say, do and my positions,” he said.

The report is by Luiza Lemos, from iG.

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