Netflix releases statement about accident that killed two original series actors

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The production of a new series of Netflix in Mexico was marred by a car accident, which left two dead and six injured. The van that transported the cast and crew of Chosen Oneadaptation of a comic book by Mark Millarleft the road and overturned on the way to Santa Rosalía airport, in Baja California del Sur, last Thursday (16).

the actor duo Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco Gonzalez Aguilar suffered serious injuries and died on the spot. Two other actors and four crew members were injured and taken to hospital. As a result, the producer redrum ended the production of the series, with no forecast or guarantee of return, and the causes of the accident are being investigated.

The duo of the cast of Chosen One, Raymundo Garduño Cruz (left) and Juan Francisco González Aguilar (right) were victims of a fatal accident in Mexico

Netflix released a statement about the incident, stating (via CBR):

We are deeply saddened by the tragic accident that took the lives of Ray Garduño and Juan Francisco González. Our sympathies go out to your loved ones and to those who were injured in this unfortunate accident.

In addition to the platform streamingproducer Redrum also published a statement giving more details about the accident:

All of us from the production of Chosen One are shocked by the tragic accident that occurred last Thursday while on the way from Santa Rosalía, Baja California del Sur, to the airport. We are deeply saddened by the passing of our colleagues Ray Garduño and Juan Francisco González, and we are providing close support to all those affected by this unthinkable tragedy. Redrum is cooperating with local authorities, and initial reports and testimonies indicate that all safety protocols were in place during this terrible accident.

Chosen One adapts Mark Millar’s 2004 comic

Chosen One It’s an adaptation of the HQ American Jesus: The Chosen2004 comic written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Peter Grosswhich follows a 12-year-old boy who is supposed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

The recording of the series, which is part of an agreement between Netflix and the author, began around April 2022. There is still no forecast for the resumption of filming, but the Variety states that it should happen as soon as the investigation into the accidents is completed.

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