Neto detonates VAR performance in Corinthians game

Neto did not like the performance of the referee in the game between Corinthians x Goiás. During the program “Os Donos da Bola” this Monday, the presenter said that the São Paulo club benefited from the Neo Química Arena.

“To start off with VAR: Seneme (president of the Refereeing Commission) came in and doesn’t say what he came for. Second: VAR is a hell of an important instrument, but whoever directs VAR is worthless. what they did to Goiás yesterday is absurd! The penalty they gave (to Corinthians) is shameful!”, fired Neto.

In addition to criticizing the refereeing in last Sunday’s game, the Band presenter also said that Brazilian clubs should open an investigation into VAR.

“And they still haven’t given Bambu a penalty on Pedro Raul! I’m Corinthians as hell, but he won stolen! They got their hands on Goiás! There has to be an investigation by Brazilian clubs to find out what’s happening with VAR “, Netto added.

The Corinthians penalty generated a huge repercussion. Braulio da Silva Machado saw that Caio blocked Roger Guedes’ submission with his arm and signaled an infraction. After the referee’s decision, the official profile of Goiás made an irony on social media. In addition to the Corinthians game, the match between Internacional x Botafogo also featured controversial refereeing actions.

The 1-0 victory left Corinthians in second place in the Brazilian Championship. Timão returns to the field next Wednesday, against Santos, at 21:30, at Neo Química Arena, for the first game of the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil.

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