North Korea suffers from intestinal disease epidemic

North Korea epidemic

Image: Micha Brändli/Unsplash/Reproduction

South Hwanghae Province in North Korea is facing the outbreak of an as-yet-unidentified intestinal disease. This Sunday (19), state media reported that Medical teams and epidemiological investigators to help at least 800 families hit by what is being called an “acute enteric epidemic”.

The increase in cases was reported for the first time on Thursday (16). Authorities are now instituting quarantines, “intensive screening for all residents” and special treatment and monitoring of vulnerable people such as children and the elderly.

In addition, state news agency KCNA also reported that extensive disinfection work is being carried out, which includes treating sewage and other waste, making the water safe for use and consumption. Measures to ensure that agriculture is not interrupted.

South Korean officials believe the epidemic may be related to cholera or typhoid fever. Both are caused by bacteria and can be spread through the belongings, food and drink of infected people.

The news raises concern. In addition to the enteric disease, North Korea is also experiencing a wave of Covid-19 cases. As explained the newspaper O Globo, the isolated country has a poor health system, has not vaccinated the population and has no drugs or mass testing capacity. In addition, the nation faces a chronic food shortage, which leaves the population with health even more vulnerable.

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