‘Pantanal’: Zaquieu will suffer homophobia and will leave the farm | come around

In an attempt to discover the wonders of the wetlandZaquieu will approach the pedestrians, however, the fact that the boy is gay will be a nuisance for some of them there, especially, Thaddeus (Jose Loreto).

“I just wanted to know if there’s anything I should be worried about?”, Zequieu will ask, before leaving to discover more of the region.

“Being dressed up like that, the greatest danger is that a peacock will become jealous! (…) The snakes here are a danger… Even for those who like it!”, says Tadeu, in a homophobic comment.

And the posture will repeat itself, until the butler will saturate himself. No longer able to be the target of aggression, he will decide to return to Rio de Janeiro and will do so. He’s going to pack his bags, leave a letter for Mariana, and get the punt from eugenio (Almir Sater) towards Campo Grande.

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“This place is wonderful indeed, but I can’t say it was paradise for me. I expected to face some resistance, but, I confess, I didn’t expect to cause such discomfort for the simple fact of being who I am…”, he says, in the letter.

“I’ve spent my whole life being a laughing stock: the target of bad jokes, nicknames, mockery… It’s been so many years playing the role of this gay butler, who is there for everyone to laugh and point the finger, that I accepted. that the only way for me to be a part of their world was to become the joke they wanted so badly (…) I happen to be a person, not a joke.”

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