PC Oliveira disagrees with the penalty in Internacional vs Botafogo, but says he understands Philipe Sampaio’s expulsion: ‘If he scored, he had to expel’

THE Whistle Centerin “Seleção SporTV”, analyzed the non-existent penalty scored for the International in a 3-2 defeat to Botafogoa bid that still generated the expulsion of Philipe Sampaio. Commentators were unanimous in pointing out an error in Savio Pereira Sampaio in giving the maximum penalty, but there was a disagreement over the red card.

Fernanda Colombo believes that the referee got everything wrong.

– For me it was not a penalty in that bid. Blocking the ball is with the belly. He has one arm in a natural position, then hits him. There is no other movement looking for the ball. And for me the red card was wrong. Because the ball was heading towards the goal, but the block is in the belly. Then it goes to the side, it is no longer a clear opportunity. If it was understood as a penalty, it was not a red card. For me, neither penalty nor red card – said Fernando Colombo.

Paulo Cesar de Oliveirahowever, went in the opposite direction.

– I have a different understanding. He’s looking at it as a whole. He understands that Philipe Sampaio in that action has a slight deflection and contact with the ball, it is as if it were a single blocking action preventing the passage. I think it’s a very short deflection, the referee is analyzing all the action, and I understand. If it was understood as a penalty, which I disagree, he would have to be expelled – said PC Oliveira.

Sandro Meira Ricci did not agree with this interpretation.

– It all depends a lot on the situation in which the defender finds himself. If you are in clear blocking action, if you play, the arm opens, it is a different situation. He’s taking up space, blocks it with his belly. Then the ball didn’t go into the goal. The biggest mistake was to have interpreted it as a clear opportunity. Who guarantees that this ball would go in? There was no way to guarantee – commented Sandro.

– We have two situations. The referee and VAR were FIFA, they are in the elite, they understood the same way. I can only believe that this penalty was awarded for the reason that the PC explained, that, even having touched the belly, when touching the hand, it prevented the goal. The guidance given to the referees is that when a goal is prevented with the hand, he must be sent off. The only justification I find for the error is that they understood that he avoided a goal. We disagree,” he added.

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