Petrobras presents a proposal for ACT 22/23 that does not meet the demands of the category

This Monday (20), Petrobras presented the first counter-proposal to ACT 2022/2023, which does not meet the demands of workers from Petrobras and its subsidiaries (Transpetro, PBio, TBG and Termobahia) that were defined at the 10th Plenafup ( FUP National Plenary), and delivered and filed on June 2nd.

The company proposes:

▪️ Readjustment of 5% in the basic salary table, RMNR, additional stay in Amazonas, VA/VR and educational benefits

▪️ Land production field gratification: discontinuity.

▪️ Extraordinary service: 50% increase, except in cases where legislation provides otherwise.

▪️ Hour bank: all overtime will be credited to the hour bank

▪️ Holiday shift: paid with an increase of 50% January 1, Monday and Tuesday Carnival until noon on Wednesday, May 1 and December 25, suppressing holidays.

▪️ Overtime shift change: from 75% to 50% appropriate to legislation

▪️ AMS: Withdraw from the ACT, leaving the Plan manager to APS with a cost of 50X50, making abusive discounts official.

▪️ Job security: Deletion of paragraph 4⁰, clause 42 for the inclusion of a new clause for: “Active portfolio management”

▪️ TIR working hours – uninterrupted work shift in administrative/non-industrial areas in a non-confined environment: the company can implement the 12-hour shift while maintaining the 1×1 off-time ratio

▪️ Telework: the company wants to learn and promote its improvement before ruling in the ACT

▪️ Validity of the 01-year agreement with maintenance of the base date on 01/09/2022

FUP director Paulo Neves questioned the company’s lack of shame in presenting a proposal with a readjustment far below inflation and the country’s reality, in view of the salary marks that have already been occurring over the years.

He also reaffirmed the importance of AMS being regulated within the ACT and not just its management: “Worker health cannot be considered a cost for the company when it is an investment, because a healthy worker produces more and better. Not to mention the various health problems that are consequences of the profession of those who exchange their lives for the company”. The director stated: “The plan is already a high-cost plan for many workers, and we would not like to lose even more, even the ideal would be to revert to the 70×30. We also need to discuss the readjustment rate, as the VCMH punishes us with high readjustments”

The coordinator of the FUP, Deyvid Bacelar, informed that based on the proposal presented, the FUP will convene the Deliberative Council, which will have to forward the indicative to the meetings of rejection of this counter-proposal of the company. “We left this meeting indignant. And the disappointment of the workers will be great,” he declared.

Sindipetro-NF repudiates the proposal presented by the company and asks the category to be aware of the next steps, through the union’s official communication channels, and to continue the fight for their rights!

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