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After an internal protest by the members of Poliana Moça, Silvio Santos and SBT refuse to comply with the squad’s demands

Silvio Santos made a final decree and SBT refused to carry out preventive tests for Covid-19 on the cast of Poliana Moça, not even the PCR the company wanted to pay for the cast of actors and actresses.

Last week, the TV Observatory made a complaint exposing everything that was happening with the neglect of covid-19 tests at SBT.

Some actors have refused to participate in recordings because of the approach to other members, on the other hand, others have done the tests out of their own pocket.

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Sophia Valverde is the protagonist of the soap opera Poliana Moça
Sophia Valverde is the protagonist of the soap opera Poliana Moça (Photo: Reproduction / SBT)

In a note sent to columnist Fefito, from Uol, Silvio Santos’ company put their foot down and declared that the test is not necessary, but that the recommendations for wearing a mask remain the same:

“The company remains in constant monitoring and necessary adjustments of its prevention actions, following the impacts of covid and, having as a principle to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Masks are always recommended for all employees. In dramaturgy too. For the time being, it is not intended to return to testing. People are up to date with their vaccinations, some even have four doses”, said the press office of Silvio Santos.


Also according to the TV Observatory, the SBT actors were outraged by the situation to the point of triggering the SATED (Sindicato dos Artistas e Técnicos em Estáculos de Diesões do Estado de São Paulo).

The organization’s president, Dorberto Carvalho, visited SBT in the last week and sought explanations for the cancellation of Covid tests.

“I was there in person, I spoke to the person in charge, who said he had withdrawn due to cost issues. We then sent a request for clarification by our legal department, but it was not satisfactory. Let’s start denouncing it in the press.”revealed the director of the entity.

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