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New Caoa Chery iCar (Photo: Publicity/ Caoa Chery)

The iCar is Caoa Chery’s new all-electric vehicle, which joins the brand’s hybrid models to reinforce the electrified car options. With the current cheapest electric vehicle station in Brazil, the iCar has a price of R$ 139,990 and goes on sale this month.

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New tram from Caoa Chery (Photo: Publicity/ Caoa Chery)

All about the Caoa Chery iCar

iCar version and pricing

The first 100% electric vehicle from Caoa Chery sold in Brazil also arrives with the cheapest post in the category. The iCar, which is available in a single version, starts at R$139,990.

Caoa Chery iCar (Photo: Publicity/ Caoa Chery)

Engine of the new iCar

The engine of the new iCar, which is marketed in China under the name of eq1, is what draws attention to the model. After all, the iCar is equipped with a 45 kW electric motor, which is equivalent to a power of 61 hp. In addition, the torque provided by the electric motor is 150 Nm.

The engine is powered by a 30.8 kWh battery, with four modules and 27 cells, which results in a range of up to 282 km in the urban cycle. The vehicle also has four-wheel disc brakes and independent suspension.

61 hp electric motor equips the iCar (Photo: Disclosure / Caoa Chery)

The battery can be fully charged in just 36 minutes using a quick charging station. When using traditional chargers, this time increases to about 5 hours, and can reach 11 hours when charging using a conventional three-pin 220V socket.

New look and technologies Caoa Chery iCar

The iCar is smaller than other competing electric vehicles such as the Renault Kwid E-Tech. It has an overall length of 3,200 mm, 1,670 mm in width and a height of 1,590 mm. On the outside, the vehicle has LED DRL lights, bumper, mirrors and roof rack in body color. In addition, the iCar also has 15” alloy wheels.

Inside, the iCar features premium-finish, electrically adjustable front seats, as well as air conditioning and a panoramic sunroof. Another interesting detail of the electric car is the multimedia center with a 10.25-inch screen, which joins an induction smartphone charger and digital instrument panel.

10.25” multimedia center for the iCar tram (Photo: Publicity/ Caoa Chery)

Consumption of the new iCar

  • Range of up to 282 km
  • Consumption of 10.92 kWh / 100 km

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Caoa Chery iCar
Motor45 kW electric motor
power/torquePower: 61 hp / Torque: 150 Nm
StreamingAutomatic (1 speed)
SuspensionIndependent suspension on four wheels
Consumption10.92 kWh / 100 km
Wheel and Tires15” rim alloy wheels
brakesdisc brakes
Weight995 kg
DimensionVehicle length: 3,200 mm Vehicle width: 1,670 mm Vehicle height: 1,590 mm Wheelbase: 2,150 mm
CapacityTrunk: 100 L / Batteries: 30.8 kWh
PriceFrom BRL 139,990
Caoa Chery iCar
mechanical set
Internal space
Impressions at the wheel
Worth to buy?

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