Protect or Not From Inflation

In times of high prices, you make the decision to invest to protect your money from inflation and, for that, you put your money in savings. But is this type of application really good to protect you from rising prices?

No Chat with Specialist, live program from UOLfinancial planner and investor Viviane Ferreira says that, despite savings being the preferred investment for Brazilians, its profitability leaves much to be desired.

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Savings has a unique rule in the country

According to the 5th edition of the “X-Ray of the Brazilian Investor”, a survey carried out by Anbima (Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities), savings “remains a darling” of Brazilians, with investments by 23% of the population.

Viviane says that savings are still preferred by Brazilians because it has a single rule in the country, regardless of the bank where you applied.

Savings are the same everywhere, no matter which bank you open one in. It is the same because it follows a rule of the Central Bank. In any bank, savings will yield the same thing. This is different from other investments.
Viviane Ferreira, financial planner and investor

When the Selic rate is above 8.5% per year, savings yield 0.5% per month plus TR (Referential Rate), which changes every day. Year to date, savings yields 6.17% per year plus TR.

The TR spent many years at zero, but is currently positive. From June 13 to July 13, the TR will be 0.16%, according to the latest Central Bank bulletin). The TR changes every day. However, if we consider the rate of 0.16% per month, savings have a return of 8.21% in 12 months.

“Selic is 8.5% per year, how much does savings pay? Half a percent a month. Selic went to 12.75% a year, how much does savings pay? Half a percent a month. It doesn’t change. It doesn’t matter wherever the Selic goes above 8.5%”, says Viviane.

Another advantage of savings is having income tax exemption. “Another interesting point of savings is that, in banks, people can have a savings account, without a fee. You don’t need to have a checking account”, he says.

Savings do not protect against inflation

“With the Selic at 13.25% per year, savings yields practically half”, says Viviane.

According to the financial planner, with the IPCA accumulated at almost 12% in the last 12 months and with savings yielding 6.17% per year plus TR, she is far from protecting her money from inflation.

Inflation has risen twice as much as savings. So savings don’t protect our money from inflation, it doesn’t have big returns. It doesn’t have any big advantages in that regard.
Viviane Ferreira, financial planner and investor

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