PT publishes outline of Lula’s program

Lula and Alckmin's guidelines program was presented this Tuesday (21), in São Paulo (Photo: NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP via Getty Images)

Lula and Alckmin’s guidelines program was presented this Tuesday (21), in São Paulo (Photo: NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP via Getty Images)

news summary

  • Lula and Alckmin’s campaign released government program guidelines

  • In 121 points, the program talks about fighting hunger and inequalities, a new labor legislation, revocation of the spending ceiling and other topics

  • According to Aloizio Mercadante, responsible for the document, the text is “a starting point”

The PT and allied parties released this Tuesday (21) the guidelines of the political program of the ticket of former president Lula (PT) and Geraldo Alckmin. The program proposes new labor legislation and also talks about “Brazilian fuel prices”.

The event took place this Tuesday (21), in São Paulo, and had representatives from PT, PSB, Psol, Rede, PCdoB, PV and Solidarity, all members of the “Together for Brazil” movement.

“This document summarizes what everyone on this journey thinks,” declared Gleisi Hoffmann, president of the Workers’ Party.

Carlos Siqueira, president of the PSB, said that unity between parties is important to defeat President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the October election. “These are the elections of our lives, for all generations, it is the most important election we are going to face. It’s win or win.”

The document, called “Guidelines for the program of reconstruction and transformation in Brazil” is composed of 121 points and covers different subjects, such as labor reform, Petrobras, Amazon, spending ceiling, strengthening democracy and programs to combat inequalities and the hunger.

The main person responsible for the articulation and writing of the text was the former minister Aloizio Mercadante. The PT said that the text is about “a starting point”, and not “an arrival point”.

“We are committed to social justice and inclusion with rights, work, employment, income and food security to fight hunger, poverty, unemployment, the precariousness of work and employment, and inequality and the concentration of income and wealth. ”, says one of the first ready-mades of the program.

labor reform

On labor reform, the document changes the tone and, instead of talking about a repeal. The focus of the program, in particular, is workers registered in applications, such as delivery people, in addition to domestic workers.

The text proposes “a broad debate and negotiation, a new labor legislation and extensive social protection with all forms of occupation, employment and employment relationship, with special attention to the self-employed, self-employed, domestic workers and workers”. , telework and home office workers, mediated by apps and platforms, revoking the regressive milestones of the current labor legislation, aggravated by the latest reform and restoring free access to labor justice”.

The program also talks about rebuilding security and social security, to include workers, in order to “overcome the regressive measures and dismantling promoted by the current government”.

fuel prices

The coalition’s program also addresses the issue of fuel prices, one of the most debated topics in Brazil today.

“The country needs a transition to a new fuel and gas price policy, which takes into account national costs and is suitable for expanding investments in refining and distribution and reducing high prices”, says the document.

“The pre-salt gains cannot be eroded by an internationalized and dollarized pricing policy: it is necessary to make the price of fuels Brazilian and to expand the national production of derivatives, with the expansion of the refining park.”

Other topics

The ticket promises greater investments in health, education and public security, with a focus on restructuring and modernizing police careers and inspection mechanisms. In addition, the guidelines speak of having a “broad set of public policies to promote racial equality and combat structural racism”, which is directly related to the problem and hunger in Brazil.

There is also the proposal for a “solidarity, fair and sustainable” tax reform. The idea presented is the simplification of taxes, so that the poor pay less and the rich pay more.

The document also talks about the importance of protecting the Amazon, revoking the spending ceiling and resuming better relations with Latin American countries. The full document can be read on the campaign website.

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