Ranking points to the country with the most expensive gasoline; see the position of Brazil

Have you ever wondered in which country the most expensive gasoline in the world is found? And the cheapest? Yes, the variation is huge, but all the answers are in the ranking Global Petrol Prices. Check out the price change around the world to see what position Brazil occupies.

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Even if the price of fuel is defined by demand and supply at an international level, the variation in the price for the final consumer is much greater than one imagines. According to the survey carried out, Brazil has the Monday most expensive gasoline today among South American countries.

Country with the most expensive gasoline

The price of fuel changes according to the exchange rate from the local currency to the dollar, which is why the devaluation of the real leaves Brazil in an uncomfortable position, especially for drivers who depend on the product.

O ranking was made based on the prices practiced between the 7th and 13th of June. The cheapest value found on the list was US$ 0.02, which is about R$ 0.11 in Venezuela.

More gasoline face was found in Hong Kong, with a liter reaching US$ 3, which is around R$ 15.4 when converted. The survey takes into account prices in 168 countries. The withdrawal is weekly.

After Venezuela, the cheapest gasoline was seen in Libya (2nd place); Iran (3rd); Syria; Algeria; Kuwait; Angola; Nigeria; Turkmenistan and Malaysia.

At the other extreme, the one with the highest values, after Hong Kong comes Norway (167th); Denmark (166th); Finland; Iceland; Greece; Netherlands; Central African Republic; Monaco and Singapore.

According to data from ranking Global Petrol Prices, Brazil ranked 83rd. The average price here was US$ 1.41, something around R$ 7.25.

Despite this, after the survey, Petrobras has already announced new readjustments. That is why today the liter of gasoline already exceeds R$ 8 in 11 Brazilian states, according to data from the Price Survey System of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP).

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