Representative of the Armed Forces is silent during a meeting with the TSE

This Monday, 20th, meeting was the first of the Elections Transparency Commission; General Heber Portella was appointed by Defense Minister Paulo Sérgio Nogueira

Valter Campanato/Agência BrasilEdson Fachin, Minister of the Federal Supreme Court
Edson Fachin opened the discussions stating that the Electoral Justice is prepared to conduct the elections in a clean and transparent way

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) held the first meeting of the Commission for the Transparency of Elections, with the participation of General Heber Portella as a representative of the Armed forces. With that, the expectation was for a possible speech by the military, but he remained silent. The relationship between the Armed Forces and the Electoral Justice became more strained after the Defense Minister sent a letter saying that the military did not feel prestigious. This Monday’s meeting was to present the results of the work and studies carried out by the Electoral Justice to ensure the transparency and auditability of the election. The president of the TSE, Minister Edson Fachin, opened the discussions stating that the Electoral Justice is prepared to conduct elections cleanly and transparently. Then, the vice president of the Court, Minister Alexandre de Moraes, who assumes the presidency in August, said that Fachin’s administration is marked by openness to dialogue, which must be maintained in his administration. The confirmation of the presence of Heber Portella took place through a letter from the Minister of Defense, Paulo Sergio Nogueira. In the document, he also requested a specific meeting between technical teams from the court and the military forces. According to him, time and face-to-face interaction are needed to deepen the discussions on complex technical aspects.

*With information from reporter Iasmin Costa

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