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Ricardo is an activist for the right to use marijuana
Fabio Rossi/O Globo 06.20.2022

Ricardo is an activist for the right to use marijuana

In the vicinity of Xerém, an illustrious resident threw some seeds in his backyard. But unlike what the song sung by Bezerra da Silva says, it didn’t sprout a tremendous thicket, but some very well-kept marijuana plants, planted by actor and activist for the legalization of cannabis, Ricardo Petraglia, 71 years old.

Known for his good-natured characters on TV, the artist received the EXTRA team at his home in Baixada, where he has lived for 16 years with his wife, producer Marília Oliveira.

The place is quiet, and you can only get there after a few kilometers on a dirt road. In the conversation, he talks about his career, his Mobydickshow podcast and, of course, marijuana, while smoking a joint in a nice cigarette holder. Check out:

What is the role of marijuana in life?

“Until 1985, I was a drug addict. I was never a drinker, but I snorted, injected, took acid, did everything. Then I went to donate blood to someone and found out I had hepatitis C, which I got from sharing drugs. So, I stopped with all of them, I imposed this on myself. Either I would die or I would choose life. Marijuana was the outlet for all other drugs, an escape valve. I had smoked before too”.

When did you start planting weed?

“In 2005, I had a hip operation to place a prosthesis. This unbalanced my spine and I started to have unbelievable pain. I couldn’t take painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, because of hepatitis. And my doctor asked why I didn’t try it. Cannabis. I replied: “car****”, I try it every day” (laughs)”.

“So, I went to get the oil, but it cost a fortune and still does. My INSS salary would pay for two bottles. Then I filed a lawsuit to be able to plant, claiming that I couldn’t afford to buy the medicine and so I got habeas corpus. Since then, my life has been quiet.”

Do you smoke and use the oil?

“All use is medicinal and therapeutic. It’s the same plant. You can smoke, vaporize, make topical use with ointments, orally with the oil or in food, as an anal or vaginal suppository, which is usually used for menstrual cramps. who says: “How medicinal, what a thing! Look at the joint in his mouth”. But the joint is medicinal”.

Before growing at home, have you ever had problems as a user?

“I’ve been hard-pressed, slapped in the face by the police. Many stories on the road, on the beach… But look how funny: when the guards stopped me and gave me hard, politeness was one. After I took a habeas corpus and I have excuse me, they are very polite, they smile, they ask”.

“Every two months, the police come here to check my plantation and make sure I’m not having a party. Most of the time they don’t know anything. I show the smell and they doubt it’s marijuana. Paraguayan, moldy and full of seeds”

“They say: “Wow, but it’s very different”. I think it’s great when they come because I have the opportunity to inform and educate about it. They say it’s very important for me to do that. I’ve already suggested doing a seminar here for prosecutors, judges and police also”.

How did you see the recent decision by the STJ, which released three people for cultivation?

“Very important. There is still an action in the STF to be judged, but several ministers have already shown themselves in favor. These people ultimately achieved what I achieved in the first instance. With this judgment in this court, I believe that this should be taken as a parameter for other cases. It is a giant step towards legalization”.

Do you think we’re close to that?

“Even this legalization being tried by PL 399 is racist, elitist and capitalist. They took away the self-cultivation. It only solves the problem of the companies. They will be able to commercialize, but will the comrade from the favela be able to sell? in the world, for the market. The one in Uruguay was a little less like that. I want marijuana to stop being on the list of plants that are prohibited”.

Do they always ask you for weed?

“Yes. There are those who want to buy. I say I can’t sell or give away, so as not to lose my habeas corpus. But I can teach you how to cultivate. On my Instagram (@mobydickshow), I tell you how to do it”.

And your acting career, how is it?

“I find it funny, they don’t imagine that an old man like me is an activist stoner. They think: “Wow, that guy from the soap opera?”. What people don’t know is that whenever they saw me on TV, I was stoned. that marijuana does not destroy your career. I memorized texts, watched soap operas, rocked my daughter and smoked a joint at the same time”.

Are you really retired from TV?

“I’ve done it for 50 years. Now I don’t do it anymore, I just sell my ideas and say what I want. If I’m invited to a play, only if I’m ideologically involved.”

How do you see the position of other artists on the issue?

“Our intellectual, economic and artistic elite are cowardly for not putting themselves and not coming out of the closet. Only with these users showing themselves will society see that this is not something for thieves, but for common people. the person smoking marijuana does not define their character”.

Did you create the tag #saidoarmáriouseruário?

“I think it was me. In Uruguay, legalization started like this. Users came out of the closet. It didn’t start because of pressure from traffic or pharmacy. People started to see that the doctor next door smoked, the judge too”.

“The mother gave marijuana to her son with epilepsy. They thought: “This guy is my friend, he’s not a criminal, he doesn’t deserve to go to jail for smoking a plant.” In my podcast, I interview a priest, judge, delegate, artist… People who smoke and who don’t”.

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