Rock in Rio Lisbon: Ivete Sangalo missed this happy little house called Portugal

Like Xutos & Pontapés, Ivete Sangalo has been a regular presence at Rock in Rio Lisboa since the first edition. And, like Xutos & Pontapés, it deserves much more than being slotted into a one-hour slot in the late afternoon. We have no great doubts that a large part of the audience that is present on this second day of the festival came to Bela Vista Park to dance and jump with her… More even than to attend a concert by the Black Eyed Peas headliners. The expectations of this public were not disappointed, but doubts, in this field, were also few (or null).

With energy to give and sell, and a ponytail that Ariana Grande would envy, the singer from Bahia served up an accurate lineup from start to finish, without much time to catch her breath. Reviewing some of the best moments of a discography that, not counting Banda Eva, has been going on for more than 20 years, Sangalo started off strong with ‘Tá Solteira, Mas Não Tá Sozinha’, but it didn’t take long to pull out three great trumps: ‘Tempo de Alegria’, ‘Abalou’ and ‘Sorte Grande’ didn’t even need a warning, because the foot was already off the ground and the dust was scattered around the room. “I missed you so much, Rock in Rio”, she confessed, addressing the crowd that followed, strictly speaking, each dance step and each sung word.

“Oh, Lisbon, Portugal… That’s why I feel like I’m coming home. I missed being here so much. I didn’t even know how many. I wanted to tell Portugal that I am here as a daughter of this land, too”, she reinforces, showing her incredulity with the amount of people she had in front of her. He then dedicated ‘Mexe a Cabeça’ to Angola, a country he says he fell in love with on his first visit, sensualized to the sound of ‘Céu da Boca’, threw himself into the anthem of his ex-band, ‘Eva’, and presented ‘Onda Poderosa’ in a virtual duet, full of funk, with Gloria Groove.

Accelerating towards the end, with a medley that ends, precisely, with ‘Acelera Aê’, he confesses: “I wanted to stay here until morning. I believe in respect and I will respect the festival’s line-up, but I wanted to put on my pajamas and stay here until morning”. The public would certainly not say no to this proposal. Closing with a “golden key”, she calls Carnival to herself to exorcise sadness to the sound of ‘O Mundo Vai’ and, of course, in a final thrust, to the tremendous success ‘Arerê’. Ivete is an institution, not only of Brazilian music, but of the world stages (whether the world recognizes it or not) and the concert of this second day of Rock in Rio Lisboa 2022 was further proof that not even the passage of time will be able to stop her. .

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