Saúde do RJ investigates 4 cases of monkeypox; 3 are in the capital | Rio de Janeiro

The state of Rio is investigating four suspected cases of monkeypox — three of them in the capital.

According to the State Health Department, one of them is a resident of Itaguaí. She was attended at São Francisco Xavier Hospital and is now in home isolation.

The Municipality of Itaguaí informed that the patient works in a hotel, in another city, and has contact with foreigners.

“I have a lot of pain, a lot of fever, a lot of headaches. And these blisters keep hurting,” said the woman.

RJ has 2 confirmed cases

Ministry of Health confirms second case of monkeypox in Rio de Janeiro state

Ministry of Health confirms second case of monkeypox in Rio de Janeiro state

This Monday (20), the Ministry of Health confirmed the second case of monkeypox in the state of Rio – the eighth in the country.

The 25-year-old patient is a resident of Maricá. According to the State Department of Health, he has a stable clinical condition, has no history of traveling abroad and also reports having had contact with foreigners.

“At first, this is a secondary case, that is, it is not yet possible to say, so far, that there is active circulation of the virus in the State of Rio de Janeiro. SES continues to monitor the cases”, said secretary Alexandre Chieppe.

In the capital, the Municipal Health Department said that three new suspected cases are investigated in the city.

All are Brazilians with a history of travel to countries with circulation of the disease. They present mild symptoms, good clinical status and are in isolation.

The municipality of Rio has, so far, only one confirmed case of monkeypox. This is a 38-year-old man who lives in London and arrived in Brazil ten days ago.

The main forms of transmission of smallpox from monkeys are through close, intimate contact with an infected person with skin lesions. It can be from a hug, kiss, sexual intercourse or respiratory secretions.

Transmission can also occur through contact with contaminated materials, such as clothing and bedding that have been used by the patient.

Health officials say that while the disease was first identified in monkeys, the current outbreak has nothing to do with the animals.

Hygienizing your hands well with soap and water and using gel alcohol are measures that should be intensified, not only because of the smallpox of monkeys, but also because of Covid.

The number of calls from people with flu syndrome increased by almost 60% in state emergencies, from the first week of May to the week between June 6th and 12th.

This afternoon, 146 people were in the SUS network hospitals in the capital. The positivity rate of Covid is around 30% in the state.

Starting this Tuesday (21), those aged 40 or over will also be able to take the fourth dose of Covid, also called the second booster dose.

During the day, the demand for the vaccine was great at the posts. So far, 42% of people over 50 have taken their fourth dose.

Janssen reinforcement is different

For those who took the first dose of Janssen, the booster is different.

People between the ages of 18 and 39 need to have a total of three doses — the initial and two booster shots. This reinforcement can be with Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Janssen itself.

Those aged 40 and over will need three booster doses in addition to the initial dose. There will be a total of four doses of vaccine against Covid, which can also be Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Janssen itself.

The interval between doses is the same for all ages. The space of two months must be respected between the first vaccine, which is the initial dose, and the first booster dose. Thereafter, the interval between booster doses has to be four months.

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