Silvio Santos loses his pants during the program and entertains audience

Silvio Santos, starred once again in a hilarious scene on the stage of his program and drew laughter from the audience that was there. The owner of SBT ended up losing his clothes, leaving only his underwear, but quickly got around the situation.

While presenting and standing next to the audience, the presenter’s pants began to fall down exposing his white underwear. Silvio Santos started pulling and putting the garment back on, so that it wouldn’t show anything else and complained that he was losing weight.


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The pants dropped! Fell out! I have to tighten my belt more, I’m losing weight”, complained the head of the house, taking it all in a good mood. And as if nothing had happened, Silvio Santos continued the program and left the episode behind.

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Silvio Santos praises Datena

In the previous program, Silvio Santos showed that he has no rivalry with Band TV, when he invited Datena to participate in the ‘Jogo dos Pontinhos’. The owner of SBT still praised the presenter, who could not hold back his tears and was very emotional.

“I never thought in my life that I would have in my profession the person I had as a reference, the person that all of us on Brazilian television are inspired by, speaking words as beautiful as the ones you said about me”Datena was moved when he was praised.

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