Silvio Santos passes perrengue with pants falling live

During his program on SBT, Silvio Santos surprised the audience by showing that his pants were loose and slipping off his body.

“My pants fell off, they fell off! I have to tighten my belt more, I’m losing weight. That’s it, it’s solved”, he laughed, after showing his underwear to the audience. In 2012, the owner of the station went through the same problem during the painting “Não Erre a Letra”. The reaction was the same: with good humor, the presenter laughed to himself, lifted his pants and continued to work normally.

Watch the moment:

Controversies in the program

Silvio Santos also surprised the SBT audience by defending sex reassignment, popularly known as “sex change” surgery on June 12, 2022. In the attraction, the presenter received Ava SimõesMiss Trans Star International, who spoke about the matter with the veteran on stage at the talk show.

During the conversation, Silvio Santos had the help of Miss to explain what it is to be transsexual. Afterwards, he spoke his opinion about the surgery.

“If you’re born a boy, but you’re seeing that the years are passing and you’re feeling like a girl, you’re suffering. If you want to get rid of that suffering and science allows it, you make the transformation and you’re happy. hair on my forehead and the hair is bothering me, I go to Jassa (hairdresser) and have him cut it. Why suffer if you can live happily?”, said the artist.

The video went viral on social media. Many people did not expect the presenter’s comment, after all, Silvio Santos and his daughters have a history of controversies and prejudiced speeches. Some time ago, Pabllo Vittar was targeted in the “Game of 3 Clues”. At the time, he mentioned his name for people to guess the word “faggot”.

In an interview with “TV Fama”, the singer commented: “I think we have to take these names that people refer to and take it to our side as an adjective and not as a curse. I see the word fag as an empowerment. I’m not a fag, no. I’m a bichérrima, bitch! I’m more than a fag! Long live the fags and that’s it. It doesn’t offend me, because I take those words for myself as a form of empowerment.”

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