Simaria appears in a speech therapy clinic. Understand

Even away from the stage, Simaria continues to place the audience in her steps while taking care of her health. This Monday (20/6), especially, she took fans by surprise when she brought up a problem with her vocal cords. Simaria recorded moments of a consultation with the speech therapist Leny Kyrillos, who explained the reasons for her tiredness in her voice.

The professional warned that the singer undergoes an overload in her throat, motivated by the fact that she does not work her voice production together with her mouth and nose, in a balanced way. “Our voice, it is produced at the throat level, and it must be amplified by the three cavities: throat, mouth and nose”, exemplified the doctor.


“In your case, you’re throwing all the overhead here. [aponta ela para a garganta]. When your mouth and nose work less, you have overload. So your voice is tired from this behavior. It’s a behavior that you have to quickly change”, said the specialist, trained by UNIFESP.

Simaria’s departure from the stage

In an official note sent to the column, the advice of the duo reported that Simaria left the stage due to medical determination. The singer sent the message to the fans, check it out!

“My loves, singing is everything I love most, but right now, I need to get away from the stage to take care of my health. Certain that we will meet again soon. Be the second voice of my sister, Simone, in my absence. We will meet again soon!”.

Simone took over the duo’s shows last Thursday (16/6), where a performance was scheduled at the Festa dos Tomates in the city of Paty dos Alferes, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro.

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