Simone appears with her baby and vents amid the crisis with Simaria

Singer Simone showed her daughter on a family trip and made an emotional outburst

the country girl Simoneduo of simaria, delighted when posing with her baby. The artist took advantage of a gap in her schedule to spend good times with her family. She is a mother of two children. Her eldest son, Henry, is seven years old. The youngest is Zaya, one year and four months old. The two are the fruits of her marriage with the businessman. Kaka Diniz.

Faced with many controversies involving her work partner and sister, Coleguinha decided to travel. Together with her husband and children, she went to Palmas, in Tocantins, and is enjoying days of rest and beautiful landscapes. “Is there anything more beautiful than the things made by the finger of God? You are very wonderful. You are perfect”, reflected the famous, when showing a beautiful sunset in the region.

Simone He added: “I’m here in the lagoon, taking a break. After all, the job marathon is on its way. São João is getting closer, even this week I have a double to do. But, it will be nice. Always counting on your energy and joy. It will be very special to face the São João marathon together”.

On social media, the singer showed moments of pure fun with the little ones. Lying in the hammock, she emerged holding Zaya. The baby pays close attention to the mother and imitates the sounds of the animals that the country girl asks for. In another shot, the artist poses with her husband and youngest cooling off in the lake.

The trio appears smiling at the camera and earns praise. “What a beautiful family blessed by God”, admired one internet user. Another observed: “Zaya’s naughty face”. A follower said: “This baby is too beautiful.” And yet another defined it: “How cute”.

By sharing the beautiful images of the trip, Coleguinha took the opportunity to vent. “I’m enjoying my puppies, my husband. Which is too good, right? That’s the good thing about life – family!”. It is worth remembering that even with her sister away from the stage, Simone will fulfill the entire schedule of shows of the duo.

The country girl Simone with little Zaya playing in the hammock

Instagram reproduction The country girl Simone swinging with Zaya in the hammock

Simone, Simaria's duo, went to travel with her husband and children to Tocantins

Instagram reproduction Simone, Simaria’s duo, is enjoying a few days with her husband and children in Tocantins

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