Sônia Abram returns to detonate Simaria and says that she “has to take care of herself”

During the program A Tarde É Sua this Monday (20/6), presenter Sônia Abrão returned to criticize singer Simaria when commenting on the singer’s departure from the stage. The veteran even made a prediction about the future of Simone’s duo.

According to Sônia, Simaria will suffer rejection from the public if she decides to pursue a solo career, while Simone “will continue to be applauded”.

“If one decides to make a solo career and the other one too, Simaria will be rejected. Simone will continue to be applauded. Simaria will be rejected, unfortunately. Not because she’s not a good singer and doesn’t have an audience that loves her too, but unfortunately because of that kind of untimely attitude she has. You have to take care of yourself, Simaria. We root for both of them,” she declared.

This is not the first time that Abram opines on the singer’s situation. In a post on Instagram, she stated that Simaria could leave the stage “without first detonating her sister Simone in an interview”.

“[Eu acho] That Simaria could have left to take care of her health without first detonating sister Simone in an interview. The official statement she made would suffice. And point! This business of exposing family is sad, even if you’re right in everything you said! The old adage still applies: ‘dirty laundry can be washed at home!’” she said.

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