‘The country will stop naturally, as it is no longer able to drive’, says truck drivers leader

BRASÍLIA – The truck drivers’ offensive against the government and the price management of fuels for the Petrobras gained strength after the statements made by the president Jair Bolsonaro and the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lirawho spoke at the CPI about the management of the state-owned company.

“The country will stop naturally, because it will no longer be able to run”, said the president of Brazilian Association of Motor Vehicle Drivers (Abrava), Lacy Wallaceknown as Cry Trucker. Next to a fuel pump, Landim exhibits this Monday, 20th, the price charged by a gas station in São Paulo, where the diesel is sold for R$ 8.70 a liter. “I’m here in São Paulo, 300 liters of diesel, R$ 2,610, R$ 8.70 a liter of diesel. Category, let’s wake up. We do need to unite, all states”, said Landim.

One of the main leaders of the category, Landim says that the federal government has adopted measures ineffective, only guided by electoral interests, and that Bolsonaro has failed to fulfill commitments he would have assumed with transport professionals, such as changing the price policy used by Petrobras, which is based on international fluctuations to define its table in the country.

“Let’s wake up, unify and go after Petrobras. And when I say go up against Petrobras, I mean go up to the federal government, too. The president of the state-owned company is Mr. Jair Messias Bolsonaro, who made a commitment to us to change this import parity price in 2018. That’s why we believe in you.”

Landim says that the definition of the company’s board members is concentrated in the hands of the government and that, therefore, Bolsonaro could make structural changes. “Of the 11 board members, six are also your nominees. You can do it, yes. Let’s go after Petrobras, the government, the Ministry of Mines and Energy. We can no longer be silent,” she declared.

as showed the Estadão, the Union will receive today another portion, of R$ 8.8 billion, of the state-owned company’s profit. The figure is part of a total, already announced this year, of R$ 32 billion in dividends that will be paid until July to the government, the company’s largest shareholder.

Between 2019 and 2021, the Union had already pocketed another R$34.4 billion in dividends, at updated values, according to a survey by Einar Rivero, from TC/Economática. When taxes and royalties are added to the profit destined for the Union, Petrobras injected R$ 447 billion into the federal coffers from 2019, the beginning of the Bolsonaro government, to March this year, according to data from the company’s fiscal reports, revealed by Estadão. in may. Considering states and municipalities, the amount reaches R$ 675 billion. The amount paid to the Union alone corresponds to approximately five times the budget of the Brazil aid forecast for this year, around R$ 89 billion.

Last week, Abrava declared, in a citation to the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedesthat “by an irony of fate, the minister nicknamed the Ipiranga gas station, which was supposed to solve this problem, is the main culprit of this chaos, and today we have reached this critical point, and we still have serious risks of running out of fuel”.

Paulo Guedes did not comment on the statements. Abrava stated that “many experts say that this problem has viable solutions, but it is clear that this is not the priority, what we see is a desperate government”.

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