TSE gave ‘answers for the whole’, says Fachin about questions about the electoral process | Elections 2022

The president of the Superior Electoral Court, Minister Luiz Edson Fachin, said that the TSE had “eyes and answers for the whole” when it manifested this Monday (20) about questions about the electoral process presented to the court.

The minister made the statement during a joint meeting of the Elections Transparency Commission and the Elections Transparency Observatory in the presence of the Armed Forces representative, General Heber Portella, a member of the commission.

Without evidence, President Jair Bolsonaro, a candidate for reelection, frequently raises suspicions about electronic voting machines and has even suggested a parallel counting of votes by the Armed Forces.

On the 10th, in a letter sent to Fachin in which he made considerations about the technical responses presented by the court to questions from the military about the polls, the Minister of Defense, General Paulo Sergio Nogueira, said that the Armed Forces did not feel “duly prestigious”. for having responded to the TSE’s invitation to join the Transparency Commission.

This Monday, Nogueira sent another letter to Fachin, in which he asked for an exclusive meeting between technicians from the Armed Forces and the TSE to deal with the operational part of the elections. The minister has previously stated that the Transparency Commission is the forum for technical discussions and inter-institutional dialogue on the electoral process.

According to sources heard by TV Globo, General Heber Portella did not speak at this Monday’s meeting between members of the commission and the observatory.

The commission received 44 suggestions — part of which from the Armed Forces — for improving the electoral process, of which 32 were fully or partially answered, according to Fachin. Of the 12 proposals that were not met, according to the minister, 11 referred to dates already passed on the electoral calendar and one contradicted the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD).

“There is no denying that there were ‘eyes’ and responses to the whole, from technical details to statistical weightings. We count on the experience and expertise of the best in the various areas where the electoral process is concerned”, said the minister during the meeting.

At the meeting, Fachin also said that anyone who is in public life should not fear the voter. According to him, “the popular representative who doubts his voter is not worthy of the mandate he exercises and dishonors the history of democracy”.

Commission on Transparency in Elections presents an action plan with ten measures

Commission on Transparency in Elections presents an action plan with ten measures

The vice president of the TSE, Minister Alexandre de Moraes, who will preside over the court during the elections, said that the court has always been open to dialogue. The minister stressed that, upon taking over, his management will also be open.

“So that we can go on firmly to ensure that, on October 2nd and 30th, Brazilians will celebrate the party of democracy”, he said.

The Elections Transparency Commission was created last year to increase transparency and security at all stages of preparation and conduct of elections. The collegiate has specialists, representatives of civil society and public institutions in the supervision and auditing of the electoral process.

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