Understand how thumb pain was a sign of cancer in an American

After a battery of tests, a 62-year-old man from New Jersey, USA, discovered that the throbbing pain in his big toe was the result of kidney cancer.

Richard Bernstein, came to consult five years ago because of foot pain, but was reassured after tests did not find any fractures.

In March 2022, he underwent further tests after noticing swelling in his leg. It was then that the doctors discovered a kidney tumor of almost half a kilo in an advanced stage.


Credit: Disclosure/Northwell HealthMan had throbbing pain in his thumb before finding out about kidney cancer

Bernstein underwent emergency surgery that took more than 12 hours. His body needed to be kept cool to a temperature of 18 degrees to decrease blood circulation and allow for the procedure.

After the surgery, the American was able to walk again and has been cancer-free for three months. “If my entire leg hadn’t swelled, I would have died,” says Bernstein in an interview with the New York Post.

What explains toe pain?

Doctors said that fluid drainage problems due to cancer can trigger toe pain and one of the first symptoms is swelling of the limbs and extremities.

toe pain

Credit: Marcin Klapczynski/istockPatient’s tumor was blocking arteries

In Bernstein’s case, the tumor was blocking two major arteries, increasing pressure in his lower limbs, causing the pain.

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