Vanessa Giácomo makes a radical change in her look: ‘I’m loving the short hair’ | TV & Famous

Vanessa Giacomo it has a new look! The actress underwent a radical transformation due to her next work on TV, the soap opera “Crossing“, which will debut after Pantanal.

she adopted very short wires. It is the first time that the artist has this type of hair. The modern and deconstructed cut was designed by Rachel Furman and Fernando Torquatto, who characterized the new plot. And executed by Neandro Ferreira.

Vanessa Giácomo’s new look made by Neandro Ferreira — Photo: Disclosure

“I love changing the look, even more when it’s for a new job, because it’s part of this process of building this new persona.”

“I’m loving the short hair. It has a practicality and you can still model and create hairstyles. I’m really enjoying it. I loved Rachel and Fernando’s proposal. And Neandro rocked the execution”, says Vanessa.

See the before and after of Vanessa Giácomo — Photo: Reproduction Instagram / Disclosure

Vanessa Giácomo makes a radical change in her look and comes up with a ‘joãozinho’ cut — Photo: Disclosure

Check out Vanessa Giácomo’s new haircut — Photo: Disclosure

📺 The soap opera, which will occupy the Pantanal vacancy in prime time, is written by Gloria Perez and has artistic direction by Mauro Mendonça Filho.

📺 The production will have around 150 chapters and will address cultural and current issues of Brazilian society.

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Remember other looks by Vanessa Giácomo throughout her career! 💇🏻

Vanessa Giácomo gave up her brown hair to appear blonde in a new work — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Before and after! Vanessa Giácomo with a short peaked – Photo: Disclosure

See Vanessa Giácomo’s look in ‘Cabocla’, ‘Amor à Vida’ and ‘A Regra do Jogo’ — Photo: TV Globo

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