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On vacation in Brazil, Vini Jr was this Monday’s guest on “Bem, Amigos!”. The Real Madrid player, scorer of the Champions League title goal, spoke about his outstanding season in Europe, the Brazilian national team and much more. He has already arrived asking Galvão Bueno.

– God willing, I hope I can narrate many more goals of mine – said Vini Jr.

With everything settled, but still without a new contract signed with the merengue team, Vinicius was asked about harassment from other European giants, such as PSG, but guaranteed renewal at Real Madrid:

“Follow the biggest in the world,” he said.

During the program, Vini Jr recalled that Karim Benzema wants to take Brazil in the World Cup and Galvão showed a picture with the keys and possible clashes in Qatar. And the Real player joked:

“Anyone can come,” he commented, smiling.

In the first question, Vini Jr was asked by Galvão which classic he misses the most:

– Ah, I think it’s Flamengo x Vasco, a game that Flamengo fans like – he commented.

Vinicius recalled his arrival at Real, after being watched by Juni Calafat, head of observers at the merengue club. And he cited Rodrygo, Camavinga and other youngsters the club continues to hire. As the last attraction, the French Tchouaméni.

The Real Madrid player shared the benefit of direct contact between Carlo Ancelotti, his Real Madrid coach, and Tite, in the Seleção.

– They always talk to each other, to line up something when there’s a game. Sometimes it asks to take it out of one game or another. I’m doing better at Real and he (Tite) asks him (Ancelotti) how he could help the Seleção too. The two like each other and understand each other well – commented Vini Jr..

Vinicius commented on the importance of his coaches being connected.

– There is a bit of difference between the teams. In the national team we play more up front, Tite asks us to attack a lot. In Real, I’m a little further behind. I go further back. In the national team, we have more of the ball. Today’s football has to come back to score or it ends up making it difficult for everyone – said the player.

Smiling, Vini Jr reacts to Galvão Bueno’s joke — Photo: Bruno Giufrida

Entrance to the sound of Ludmila

The player revealed by Flamengo entered to the sound of “Maldives”, by Ludmila, of whom Vini is a fan. The singer is the player’s guest for the one-year anniversary of his institute in São Gonçalo.

When Galvão recalled capable of newspapers saying that he had already arrived and won at Real, Vini said:

– I’m just at the beginning, I still have a lot to conquer. I hope at the end of my career I have more things to tell, she defined.

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Benzema’s ear pull

– There was nothing there. Karim has great affection for me. He always tried his best to help me. The next day he came to talk to me, said it wasn’t that (Editor’s note: at the time, the Frenchman complained about Vini and asked not to touch the ball to him that night). I always took that in good spirits, I didn’t take it to the negative side. He always does everything for me on the field. A hard one is good too (laughs).

Vini Jr.  talk about "hard" that took from Benzema and his relationship with the striker

Vini Jr. talks about “tough” he took from Benzema and his relationship with the striker

– He told me that I really have to celebrate the title, because then it goes by fast and we don’t celebrate the way we should. The title goal chip is falling. Every day I thank God for everything he has done for me and my family.

– It’s normal for age. I think that at the base I ended up running over many stages of training. I arrived at the professional when I was 16 years old and I wasn’t fully formed. At Real there is a lot of pressure, but I had help from Karim Benzema, Marcelo, Casemiro, the more experienced players. I have always evolved over time. This season I did well, so it’s normal that the next one will be better than this one.

– All the young people who work with him have affection for him. And he for us. He always talks about Kaká, Pato, Rivaldo, Richarlison. He always tries to help us, he has a very young technical committee, who gives us information and confidence in what we need. Sometimes he gives a scolding too, because he needs to. In me and Militão (laughs). But the commission passes us if there is a faster side, another slower, if a goalkeeper leaves the ball one way, another. Because we don’t see all the games.

Vini Jr.  talks about the importance of coach Carlo Ancelotti in his evolution as a player

Vini Jr. talks about the importance of coach Carlo Ancelotti in his evolution as a player

– It is the most united team since I arrived. The celebrations were different this year. We all felt something special. The younger crowd arrived, with Rodrygo, Militão, myself and Camavinga. Everyone likes each other, that’s important.

– Neymar is our best player, opponents always join him more and he asks us to run in space because he has exceptional quality to find us. He does everything for me, he’s a great friend, and for the younger ones. The pressure is greater for him, he is older. He calls this responsibility, he also takes away from us, for the people who are arriving. Playing for the national team is a lot of pressure, but we’ll get used to it.

– It’s the best environment in the world. Everyone wants to be there, the most experienced give us peace of mind and freedom for us to do whatever we want.

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